Sunday, 25 December 2011

Why it happened?

When Priya told me that she couldn’t have dinner with me because she was going out with Him for a cocktail party, I won’t lie but I didn’t feel good…Nah it’s not about her but about me. I loved Priya like a sister, a soul mate since the day I met her and I was beyond happy when she got engaged with Him but between all the time I spent with her in talking, eating, drinking, bitching and shopping, I knew that the day she will be married I would be alone once again and now that time was approaching near at the supersonic speed. But never in my dream I wished or thought that something this awful could happen to her at this moment.
Next day I woke up and decided to pamper myself rather than sitting in my apartment feeling miserable and making unsuccessful plans. Hence I quickly ran the hot bath and headed for Juice and felt immediately better after getting chopped and then couldn’t help but stopped by every mirror I passed and admire my new layered look for the entire day. I was actually feeling much better and after so many days have managed to look quite decent.

It was comparatively a pleasant day and bit windy as well so I decided to go for a walk after take away dinner. After walking few blocks I stopped at Marine Drive and sat on the side wall of the Indian Ocean. It was looking heart stopping in the night with all the lights of the city reflecting in the ocean. Water was stretched over the thousands of kilometers in front of me and it was surprisingly very quite. It was site to behold. If you stay in this city and don’t remember sitting by the Ocean in the night, than you haven’t lived a life in the pure Mumbai way. I was here for good few hours so I bought a cup of coffee from a nearby street vendor and as I was about to take a sip of the aromatic coffee, my blackberry buzzed in my pocket.
It was Priya. I didn’t hear from her the entire day.

“Hey” she said in a low voice and in that moment I knew something was wrong.
“Hey what’s wrong sweetheart?”

“Everything is over” she managed to say before bursting into most painful sobs I have ever heard and before I could say another word, I realized that my phone had gone dead. Panicked I called her zillion times but she didn’t pick up. Throwing the coffee cup away, I rose on my feet, rushed towards the main road and dashed in a first cab which pulled by my side.
Fifteen minutes drive to her and Him’s flat seemed like hours. Finally when cab pulled by her building, I thrust money in cab driver’s hand (I didn’t know how much it was) and ran towards her flat. After ringing her door bell several times, door finally clicked open and I saw Priya looking sick standing in front of me. From her swollen eyes I could tell that she didn’t sleep from quite a good measure of time and was crying more than couple of dozen hours.

“What…” Priya flung her arms around me, dragged me inside and then buried her flustered face in my neck and sobbed uncontrollably. I was numb, didn’t know what happen and why. I came back into my senses only when I heard myself sobbing.
“What happen?” I asked in a trembling low voice and Priya told me everything about Him’s girlfriend who met her last night in a cocktail party and how much time Him and that bitch was spending together whenever he is off the work which he practically is never as told to Priya. All of his business trips were not more than fucking lusty trips with that bitch girlfriend of him. Priya and Him had a particularly nasty row last night and he wasn’t a bit sorry about his act of shame rather was trying to defend himself.  

I packed all her stuff and dragged her out of the flat. We waited few minutes outside her building in a total silence and then hailed a cab to my flat.
It’s been a week since then and we stayed in my flat for the entire time. We cried, ate, drink and watched endless movies. Every day Priya ate more than 4000 calories which are allowed as per the post break up rule and I pour as much Vodka as available in my stock for us. In the last week I tried never to bring my own no-job-issue between us rather heard everything she had to say.

Today it’s Christmas and I and Priya are in full mood to let the misery go out of our life and celebrate this gorgeous day. We have made cookies, decorated tree yesterday and today we are going to make mince pie and cake, I mean of course Priya is going to bake but heyyy I will decorate.

P.S: our issues are still unsolved but they can wait. Let the holy spirit of Christmas take toll on us and let the Santa take all the troubles away.  
Merry Christmas! xxx

Signing off:

Two girls with each other in the big city!!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bullocks schedule !!!

Holy Crap! Bullocks schedule! Zillion Whammy(s)!
Nothing went as per the schedule and if it’s not enough than I would love to tell you that I am almost physically challenged now. For starter, I woke up terribly later i.e 10 A.M and then I had to kick, push and literally dragged myself towards the washroom. Having spent good half n hour in changing into my gym gear: royal purple t-shirt, black track pants and incredibly beautiful pink trainers, I finally made my way towards the Gym. I walked seven blocks under the scorching sun (Bullocks!) and then I have done the blunder of the century by getting down to the hard core cardio without stretching (and gap of solid two months) which left me nearly physically challenged, now I couldn’t walk, stand and lie down without saying f**k off, hence I had to grab the cab, threw myself on the back seat and then was helped by my building’s watchman rather a very kind man who helped me to get down from the cab and walked me to my flat. As I let myself inside the apartment I flopped down on the sofa and had to push the thought of actually cooking any breakfast for myself.  

It was just past 2 P.M when some peculiar sound knocked me out of the sleep. Lying there I concentrated on the voice and it didn’t take me long to realize that my stomach was rumbling. I mustered all my strength and scrabbled in the sitting position, grabbing menu from the coffee table, I haul my blackberry out of my track’s pocket and ordered daal-naan and then slowly and steadily made my way to the bathroom and ran the boiling bath which seemed to subside my pain up to a very small yet acknowledgeable extant.
In evening I dragged the spare fake lather chair by the French and only window of my apartment and settled there with a pot of coffee and laptop to start my novel. After spending fairly forty minutes I managed to write only two lines (which I myself not liking much) and then lost concentration as it was just too noisy outside the window, Horns were honking, children were playing and birds must had decided to irritate me with their shrilling and peculiar voices. By the time I thought about shifting me and my laptop to the bed I realized that it was already 7:15 P.M i.e time to call Priya.  

“I would love to but I am sorry I can’t” Priya said when I called her to make dinner plan for the day.
“But why can’t you come?” I asked.

“I and him are going out for a cocktail party of his most prestigious client so far. I am sorry” Him is an investor banker, utterly boring, over educated, extra smart and way too irritating and now friend snatcher as well.
“Ok. Enjoy” I said disheartened. After the horrendous day I wasn’t expecting this. Not the least.

“I am really sorry” Priya said in a small voice.
“It’s fine. I will manage. You go and have fun.” I hung the phone and suddenly feeling of loneliness and sadness engulfed me.

I have no job, I can’t go back to my parents because if I would tell them that I lied to them and was working for a fashion magazine not for some bank, they will kill me. I have only one friend in this city and she too is busy with her fiancé and soon would disappear from the radar as soon as she will get married. I am happy for her but feel sorry for myself. Wiping tears, I rose and walked to the kitchen, made nutella sandwich(s) and once again flopped on the sofa and watched re-run of SATC and don’t exactly remember when I fell asleep.

Signing Off :
Lonely girl in the big city!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Getting Control!

I can’t believe that it’s been a week since I am out of job. In last seven days I haven’t done a single thing, my apartment is a sigh and I look like some lonely, jilted Bridget Jones moaning over my unemployment if not over a bottle of wine but surely over the huge quantity of bread, eggs, nutella, coffee and Reese’s butter cupcakes.  Having said that I think I am not all that lonely as Priya makes a point to visit my flat every single day to check upon me aka to see if I have shoved a fist full of Vicoden in my gob or simply beat myself up if not to death then at least in coma. Typical of her.  
This morning when I woke up with a usual headache, I decided to pull myself together and out of this misery and take my shattered, wandered and nearly spoiled life in my hands, once again. I fished for writing pad and pen in my night stand drawer which I usually use to make weekly list of groceries and necessities and pined it on my refrigerator door but never get around looking at it even until after two weeks let alone going out to shop for them.

As I flapped open the hard bound cover of the pad, I quickly leaf through the already doodled pages and searched for the fresh page to pen down my yesterday’s schedule on one page and my today’s schedule on next page.
My yesterday’s schedule (which was same for any other day in the past week):

9 A.M: Get up and brush my teethes
9:15 A.M: Make myself some a pot of coffee
9:30 A.M: Drink that coffee for another half-hour back to back
10 A.M: Make myself some breakfast aka Bread-egg
10:15A.M: flopped down on the sofa with my breakfast plate and tuned into old episodes of Friends back to back
2P.M: Order Chinese from a local restaurant just down the block
2:30 P.M: Eat the lunch and put on the first season’s episode CD of SATC and watch episodes’ back to back
8 P.M: Order Chinese from the local restaurant just down the block
8:10 P.M: Have hot shower
8:30 P.M: Eat dinner
8:40 P.M: Watch the recorded episodes of ‘The real housewives of New Jersey’ and polish couple of butter cupcakes
12A.M: Cry myself to sleep- I have no job, what will I do tomorrow?

 My new Schedule for tomorrow (and hopefully for upcoming days as well)
8A.M: Wake up, brush my teethes and change into gym gears
8:10 A.M: Go to gym
9:30 A.M: Come from gym and eat breakfast
10A.M: Get shower and get dressed in clean PJs and comfy T-shirt
10:30 A.M: Sort out my hair
11 A.M: Brows web and go through newspaper and look for the new job
1P.M: Update FB, Twitter- remain socially active
2P.M: Order Chinese from the local restaurant just down the block
2:30 P.M: Eat lunch
2:45 P.M: Watch recorded episodes of Fabulous Cakes
4:00 P.M: Have a power nap at least for an hour
5:00 P.M: Make myself some tea and set up with my laptop by the French and only window of my apartment and start working on a novel I wanted to write only god knows since when.
7:30 P.M: Call Priya and arrange to meet her for dinner
7:35 P.M: Get dressed
10:00 P.M: come back home, change and watch some good rom-com movie preferable Breakfast at Tiffany’s while munching fistful of stuffed Olives
12:00 A.M: Doze Off!


 Signing off:
Girl in control in the big city!!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

I don't need pity!

Next morning when I was awake and still lying in my bed debating whether or not should I climbed out of the bed, as I was failed to figure out one good reason to go in the shower, my debate was interrupted by the loud banging on the front door of the apartment. For a moment I considered to ignore it but with every passing second the banging was getting louder and shriller. Throwing aside the duvet, I dragged myself out of the warm bed and pushed myself towards the door. Usually it takes me only thirty seconds to reach the front door but today it took me ninety seconds.
“Have you died or what?” Priya shrieked as I yanked open the door.

“Lower down your voice. My head is bursting” I walked back towards the kitchen counter as she slammed the door shut before following me inside the apartment.
“Adhaya! Where is your phone? Why is it switched off?? Do you have any idea how many times have I tried to call you and how worried was I when I didn’t get hold of you? You little bimbo!” She tetchily asked me.

“Look I am already stressed and by asking all this questions you are really freaking me out” I said sternly. “My phone is somewhere there shoved in the sofa. It is switched off because I don’t wish to hear all those “poor you” and “don’t be upset” and “everything will be fine” things from you and anyone else. I don’t need your pity!” I added haughtily. There was an awkward silence before Priya opened her moth again.
“Couldn’t you wait in office for me to I arrive? I would have walked you home. AND I do not pity you for your information. I was just being worried for you!” she crocked and suddenly I felt bad for being so rude to her in the first place.

“Don’t worry for me. Damage has been done. I will sort it out…at least I hope to sort it out” I said and before I could knew a single fat tear rolled out on my left cheek. Priya stepped closer to me and dragged me in a hug. “Don’t cry…we will sort it out” she said in a shivering voice. Whenever she tries too hard to not to cry, her voice shivers and her nose turns into strange color of red.
“How? I have ruined it with my hands. I am such an emotional fool. What will I do now? How will I pay the rent? Who will give me another job?” I heard myself saying still locked inside the safest arms on the planet.

“Don’t think about it just now. We have plenty of time to worry about all the things. Right now what all you need is just a good cup of coffee and tons of breakfast. You know you are allowed to eat yourself to death under the crucial circumstances like after being dumped or sudden unemployment” she said innocently and I couldn’t resist letting a little laugh to escape from my trembling lips. “Now you just go and wash your face and I will cook you a good breakfast” Priya walked me to the bathroom and gave me a half hug before turning on her Aldo’s and clattering towards the kitchen.
“Don’t you think it seriously bit too much of the breakfast?” I asked while taking the plate from the table loaded with three egg-white’s omelet, two brown bread slices with Nutella all over them and a portion of garlic bread and settled on the sofa.

“I bet you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday and you must be practically starving by now” Priya placed the pot of coffee and two mugs on the table, flopped on the sofa just next to me and started munching on her toast while letting all the bread crumbs falling on her beautiful UCB green chiffon dress.
“To be honest I didn’t eat from a night before yesterday when I went out with Vikrant” as I said his name, all the things from that night came flooding back in my mind.

“Hey! What exactly had happened?” She asked gingerly and while shoving one thing and then the other in my mouth from my plate, I told her entire story all over again. And strangely I felt much lighter. Priya had been a great listener, she listened to me without any ‘awwwwwwwwwwws’, ‘ooooooohhhhhs’ and ‘shits’ much to my relief.
“Hmmmm….Don’t worry we will sort it out” Priya threw her hands around my shoulders and by the look of her eyes I knew she meant it. “Coffee?” she said extracting herself from me and leaning on the table to fill the mugs.

“I love you” once again I felt tears in my eyes. I always knew Priya would always be there whenever I need her but today when she was here sitting on my sofa and munching bread with me while listening my unemployment story, I felt maybe my life is not all that bad.
“I love you too babes” she said and passed me my mug.

Signing off:
Unemployed girl in the big city!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

No more tears!

How did it happen? Where things went wrong? What did I do? What will I do now? What will I say to my parents? What will Priya say on my out-of-the-blue-unemployment? Why on the earth I overreacted on this rebound thing when I myself was just playing this dating game for the sake of my job and increased salary? How will I pay the rent now? How will i….. Oh gosh! I am getting mad. In last four hours I have asked these questions zillion times to myself but have failed to figure out even one answer. I have ruined my career and my life.
I am sitting on my sofa still in this way too frilly yellow frock, looking awful and feeling cold. I exactly don’t remember walking out of the Natasha’s office after getting myself fired and reaching home. Did I walk? Hail the cab? Grab the train? I don’t know. I don’t know anything other than the reality and reality is that I am fired and sitting in my studio apartment and now I have no idea what will I do. I didn’t realize how long I have been sitting on the sofa without moving a single muscle until my phone brings me back to life. I fish in my old battered Tommy Hilfiger bag (which I bought in my good old days i.e when I had a job) and haul out my BlackBerry. It’s Vikrant calling. Without allowing myself a moment I hit the red button, switched it off and shove it inside the sofa. I never ever wish to hear from him. Ever again. I can feel hot tears pressing at back of my eyes; initially I try to swallow them back but then think better off and let them drip down in my lap. I want to let myself cry, yell, feel like a shit. Maybe it will teach me how not to ruin my life if I ever get around to built it again and use my brain instead of my daft heart be it in my personal life or professional life. Though as of now both of them are in tatter, spoiled and nearly finished.

After crying for solid twenty minutes, I drag myself towards the bed, en-route remove the hair band and dash it out of the window. Throwing myself on the bed, I pull the duvet over my head and let myself engulf in sadness. I don’t remember how long but I let myself cry until there are no more tears to roll out from my puffy eyes, my throat is soar and all I could manage is to sob , sob until my throat aches some more and my heart beats little more slower. I won't even mind if it stops right now beacuse it's hurting more with every heart beat.

Signing off:
Fired girl in the big city!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

How could it happen??

After that horrendous evening next day I woke up around ten-ish and by now the seven coats of (gorgeous) M.A.C mascara which I applied last night in the office bathroom had melted down on my face, my hair was bird nest and my eyes were all puffy and I WAS LATE. Somehow I dragged myself out of the duvet and pushed myself towards the bathroom, stripping off the cloths; I turn the shower on and let the hot water ran through my exhausted body. My mind was blank but my eyes were filled with disgustingly salty liquid. After last night I didn’t know what to think, whom to talk or even where to put myself after making utter fool out of myself.  Turning the shower off, I stepped out of the bathroom cubicle, padded towards my wardrobe and changed into yellow frilly frock which I bought few months back while strolling on the fashion street but never dared to wear. It was frilly, way too frilly. But today who cares, today I was feeling horrible and now I was looking one.
I reached office at ten past eleven A.M and walked straight to the Natasha’s cabin; let myself count to three before knocking on the slightly ajar door.

“Yeah! Come in” Natasha’s shrill voice came from the other side of the door.

“Hey. Morning” I managed to display a faint smile as I stepped in.

“Morn…eww….. What do you think where are you? In a park for a picnic?” her eyebrows were woven together and she was looking at me closely with narrow eyes from head to toe and everything in between.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I said blankly.

“What with this frock, those havains and that hair band? Do you have even a vaguest of idea that we are in office and we are trying to work here? I will be happy if you stop behaving and dressing up like sixteen years old and seriously do some work” She growled, her eyes over her Gandhi spectacles were piercing through my body.

“Work is what I come to talk about” I was trying very hard not to look in her eyes because I knew the moment I would look up I won’t be able to tell even my own name.
“Really? What is it?” her face softened and I could see her invisible fangs going back in her mouth.

“Natasha, I can’t do this blog thing. I know you are thinking that I am not responsible enough to even take my job seriously but trust me it is not true. I tried very hard to get this blog done until the last night when I came across the fact that the guy I was dating for the sake of this job just considers me a rebound. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t meet him again.” I explained everything in one go, successfully avoiding her gaze and even when I was saying those words I could feel lump in my dry throat.

“Who do you think am I?” she shrieked and I could feel anger rising in her voice.

“Sorry!” I croak.

“I knew from the very first day I knew that whoever this guys you were talking about doesn’t even exist. You were making all this nonsense stories. That was the reason why you didn’t hand me down the entries. And now when you had to give me some solid write ups, you have failed to work out and now you are giving me this stupid excuse…” She was shooting me daggers.

“But Nats…..” I tried to defend but she did let me speak. “ You filthy bitch, if you had been so serious about your job, you would have found another man to date with, to save your job but no you are standing here looking like a nightmare, utter shame to this magazine and ranting in front of me” she screeched. What? How could she call me bitch? How could she even think that I was not serious about my job? The job for which I lied to my parents, the job for which I am staying in this big city all alone instead of the fact that I am scared to sleep in the dark and I just can’t cook a decent meal for myself not even for once or I don’t even have enough friends to talk to. She couldn’t be fucking serious.

“Natasha you are taking it completely in a wrong directing. I love my job and I am damn serious about it” I howled.

“I wish, I just wish the later could be true but whatever…. I can’t let the people like you stay in this magazine given when we are seriously thinking about restructuring and taking this magazine to the whole new and much higher level!” she said in a dangerously calm voice.

“Wha…What… What do you mean by that?” I certainly would have heard it wrong. It couldn’t happen.

“Adhaya! You have been a big disappointment to me and to this magazine. I can’t let things run like this in here. I am sorry but you have to go. You are fired.” She said.


“Go and gather your stuff and then you are free to walk out”

“Natasha you can’t do it”

“It’s done. Goodbye!”

Signing off:

Once again girl in the tears in the big city!!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

I am hurt!

When I left the office at Tuesday evening, it was still raining outside. Stepping out on the pavement I yank opened my aqua-blue umbrella which was hiding somewhere deep down in my hand bag. When you live in the city like Mumbai you can’t step out of your house without handy umbrella because you never know when the scorching sun will be shoved back by the grey clouds and when the harmful UV rays would be replaced by horrendous thunderstorm.
Nevertheless, after waiting for good twenty minutes and waving my hands frantically in the middle of the road for several times I finally managed to hail the cab at almost the double rent. By the time driver pulled the cab outside the Hard Rock Café I was 200 INR down. Bloody mugger! As I climbed out of the cab I saw Vikrant walking towards the café entrance.

“Oui!” I waved as he stopped and turned to face me. He was looking heart-stopping gorgeous in blue Levi’s and black shirt. How on earth he always managed to look this amazing. Gosh! I couldn’t remember when was the last time when I looked stunning, let alone effortlessly stunning. HA!
“Hey!” he gave me quick peck on the cheeks. Well, I didn’t think it was a quick peck because he lingered on my left cheek a bit longer. He smelt David Off. Together we ventured inside the café and housed on the table at the extreme right just few meters away from the live performance area.

“Sorry. I couldn’t come to pick you up!” he said.
“It’s all right. Nothing big. Trust me.” I waved my hand nonchalantly. “I am sure whatever occupied you must had been very important”.

“No. Not really.” Was it only I who think or did he really flinch? After ordering beer for himself and orange juice for me, he asked me about my day and I told him how humanly Natasha talked to me today much to my surprise.
“Enough about me. How was your day?” I asked as our order arrived.

“It was ok. It could be bad but somehow I managed to keep it ok” he flinched again. What was it? What was the problem with this drop-dead handsome hunk?
“Sorry. I didn’t really understand how it could bad! Is everything all right?” I asked gingerly.

“Yeah! It’s just my ex. She stopped by my flat today and we had this huge fight and she really did put me off. That was the reason I text you that I couldn’t come because she was there the whole day, fighting, arguing and strangely defending herself” he tutted and rest of his words fell faintly on my ears after the word ex, his ex. Crap!  

“ummm…”I squawked.
“Anyway, I was so looking forward to meet you. Meeting you always made me feel so relaxed” he smiled and I couldn’t know how to react. I was still trying to process what he just said about his ex.

“What exactly happened between you and….your ex?” I silently patted myself for being so brave to get the words out without stammering. What was wrong with me? Why was I feeling so sad?
“Oh! I didn’t realize you are still thinking about her. Well I usually don’t go in details about my past relations but since you ask…… Well she cheated on me with her best friend’s fiancé in my apartment, in my room when I was away in Thailand for an assignment” he said and I sat there, letting this information sink in.

Somehow I managed to gulp down my orange juice and before he could order the main course I had to pretend I was unwell and literally ran from the café without giving him chance to utter a single word. I couldn’t sit there and look at him!

Sitting in the cab I couldn’t help but let tears rolled out from my eyes. I mean I knew I was only on the second date with this guy whom I didn’t know until one month back  but just the thought that I was the bloody rebound thing for him sent the shiver down my spine. Off course even I was dating him just for the sake of my job and there was just nothing between me and him but I didn’t know why but I couldn’t believe that the entire time when we met or talked, he was just talking or meeting to me to take his mind off, I was simply nobody to him.
I can’t do this. I can’t meet or talk to him again no matter what. Tomorrow first thing in the morning, I will tell Natasha that I can’t do this blog thing. Damn! I don’t know why on earth I am feeling hurt when there was nothing serious between us. And why am I even crying? ‘For fuck sake stop being a weeper and get control of yourself’ I am yelling at me but it seems that my mind has choose not to listen to me and my heart has choose to keep going back to every detail of this awful evening again and again and again.

Signing off:
Girl in tears in the big city!!!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

I am beyond happy!

I was right! I was just so damn right. After that good night sleep, next day I woke up around seven-ish which meant that I had two solid hours to write my first write up before I could go through my regular rituals of getting ready for the office.
As soon as I sprang out of the bed, i brew myself a pot of coffee, walked back to the room, opened the only french window in the apartment and sat by it with my laptop on the floor.  I re-ran the entire date in my mind and wrote about it in as much fancy manner as I could, though I tempted to add few raunchy details-which-didn’t-happen but the first rule of being a good writer is never write what never happened unless you are writing a fiction but here I was writing about my life, my romantic life, so I couldn’t lie. It was against the rule.

After successfully writing good enough write-up I managed to reach office just in time and now I am pretending to do the research work for “How to know that your man is cheating on you?” article for the next month’s issue on my computer while actually trying to find directions to Hard Rock Café. Earlier Vikrant was supposed to pick me up from the office but this morning when I was standing in front of Natasha while she was reading my write-up my phone vibrated in my hand and I managed to peep in my inbox only to found that Vikrant couldn’t come to pick me up and i have to reach there on my own. It was bit too upsetting as I was in no mood to roam around the city in this awful rain but I didn’t have any other option. Did I? Observing my gaze on my blackberry Natasha cleared her throat to bring my wandered mind back to her office.
“This is good” she said in a voice which was completely against her opinion.

“Thanks. I am glad you liked it.” I was beyond happy because as far as I could remember this was the first time when she actually said something good about my work. Though I know how much troubled she must had felt while getting those words out.
“Nevertheless, where is another one?” she looked straight in to my eyes.

“You said you need them by Wednesday morning which is tomorrow. The second one will be on your table, first thing in the morning.” I beamed.
“Ok. Go back to work.” She said.

What? Is that it? Is she alright? I mean she didn’t bark or humiliated me which is the part of her usual day. Is she in some kind of trouble? Is she in pain? Did she break-up with her hot-shot PR boyfriend? Whatever, I am glad that she didn’t spoil my day or my mood. Now for the rest of the day I didn’t have to see her face and I am beyond happy about this as well. Now I can go through the rest of the day, relaxing, twitting, facebooking and er….yes doing that research work as well before going out on the date. This day is fab.

 Signing Off:
Girl at ease in the big city!!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I need some good night sleep!

It’s 10 P.M and I am sitting on my bed in my old mauve raw-silk pajamas with my legs stretched out in front of me, laptop carefully placed over my knees, Domino’s take away on my side, Notting Hill playing on T.V and blank mind. It’s been three hours and I have tried every single thing to relax my mind and hammer out few thousand words for those two bloody blog entries but nothing is happening, nothing is coming to my mind. When I came home after office earlier this evening, I threw my stuff on the sofa and walked straight to the bathroom, kicked out my shoes and jumped for the hot-water bath, then I made myself some coffee, slumped back on the sofa, placed the laptop on the table in front of me, switched it on and before it could show sparkling gold Louboutins wallpaper on the screen, I slept.
It was five past nine when the shrill voice of my blackberry brought me back to the life. Without looking at the screen I flipped open the phone. It was Vikrant. VIKRANT!!

“Hey” I scrabbled in sitting position.
“Hi. I hope I am not disturbing you.” He said in his usual husky voice.

“No. No. Not at all. I was…just sleeping.” When the hell I slept?

“Sleeping? At 9 on the Monday night? Is everything fine?” He asked.

“Yeah! Everything is fab” shit! “I was just bit exhausted so thought of catching up on some sleep” I retort. No. Noooooooo. How could I sleep when I was supposed to work?
“Oh. I got it.” He chuckled.

“So. What this call is all about?” I asked gingerly trying very hard not to sound rude. I mean I was little pissed because of my sleep-at-the-very-wrong-hour-of-the-very-wrong-day thing or may be after last Sunday when Priya canceled my date without telling me, I wasn’t expecting him to call.
“umm…..i was wondering if we could meet up tomorrow and grab some coffee? Of course after your office!” He agog. “Actually, My shoot for tomorrow has cancelled and I have plenty of time so I thought if we could meet up!”

What? After that day I wasn’t even sure that he would ever call me but here he didn’t only call but was asking me out. Again.
“Yes! We can meet. Definitely we can.” I sang.

“Ok. I will pick you up at 7 p.m from your office.”
“Deal.” I hung up and immediately dialed Domino’s.

 Now I have a date which means I can use it very well for my second blog post but what about the first? I am so damn sure that on our first coffee date Vikrant did most of the talking and it was all about his work. There was nothing romantic or erotic we talked so what the hell am I suppose to write for my first blog post? I don’t think anyone on the earth would want to know that how fabulously painful it could be to fly from one country to another country on a very short notice. Well, you know I think that I am stressing too much about this blog thing, may be if I give myself a comfortable and relaxed night tonight then I reckon I could write anything tomorrow with fresh mind. May be tomorrow when I woke up after good night sleep, I could write oodles for this blog. Yes, this is it. I am not going to stress anymore and now I am gonna close my lappy and going to watch Notting Hill and will leaf through latest issue of Vogue before I lull myself into good night sleep.

Signing off:

Girl in old pjs in big city!!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Why she hates me?

“In my cabin. NOW!” Natasha shrieked from the other side of the phone. I just didn’t understand why she had to be such a bitch all the time, especially on Monday mornings when it was already so tough to concentrate on work after forty-eight hours long weekends. I didn’t remember when was the last time when she asked me to come in her office nicely and discussed about my highly prestigious column over a cup of coffee. Ok. I might not write about political scandals or unravels some sensational support-person’s affairs but I did write about relationships, fashion and other lifestyle issues which were not an ounce less important for a common human being on this earth. Whatever! I was sure she must have had thought about some or the other thing to yell at me like maniac only to made my already miserable life, zillion times more miserable.
I mean look at last week, I had this fabulous date with Vikrant and amazing evening with Priya but then next day she came up with this Sod The Men thing and made me cancel my second date with Vikrant for which I was heart-stoppingly happy till Saturday morning and had secretly thought about all the possible reasons that I could have given Priya and sneak out in the evening without letting her know that I was going out with Vikrant. But everything crashed upside down when Vikrant called me in the evening and Priya picked up the phone when I was away in bathroom giving myself very relaxing manicure and  without even asking or telling me she told him that I was busy and couldn’t make it tonight and even hijacked my phone so I couldn’t call him back.

“Give me my phone Priya! Just let me call him once” I mustered my calmest tone but inside I was burning and wanted to scream at the top of my lungs WHAT THE HELL YOU THINK YOU HAVE DONE.
“HA! Forget it kiddo” she said and stomped to the kitchen to made us Maggie, leaving me standing in the hallway like five year old kid who had been just told that you can’t get an ice-cream because you haven’t done your homework properly.  Urghhhhh…. I wanted to kill me. It was the first time when I was asked out on second date, not that I threw myself in it and Priya ruined everything. It all happened coz of her fiancé; I just wanted to throttle him with cotton balls for ruing my life/career indirectly.

“Adhaya! I have been waiting for you from last fifteen minutes. Have you died or what?” Natasha yelled from her cabin. Pushing back all the dreadful thoughts of Saturday, I jumped on my feet and marched up towards her cabin.
“Hey! Natasha. How are you?” I asked casually.

“Oh. I am amazing” she beamed one of that who-the-hell-you-think-you-are-to-ask-me-about-my-well-being smile. “I wonder what’s up with you?” she asked.
“I am good. Everything is great” I smiled.

“Really? Then why haven’t you updated me on your blog research?” she asked.

“Oh. I am working on it” I said gingerly.
“Really?” she raised her eyebrows as if she didn’t believe a single word I said. “So you are saying you have already found a man?”.

“Yes! In fact I had been on a date as well. Last Thursday.” I could feel confidence building up inside me.
“That’s……That’s news for me and I guess miracle for you.” She said haughtily. Was she even serious? Did she really think that I was horrible enough to found myself a man? Bitch!

“Whatever!” I muttered.
“Sorry did I hear something?” she drifted her eyes from her amazingly pure white Mac to me.

“No. Absolutely nothing.” I said.
“That’s where the problem is. I am hearing nothing from your side. No progress on this new project” she said with highly disappointing expression on her face.  “By Wednesday I want to see two blog entries from you about your dates. 500 words each. First thing in the morning.” she said with a stone face. Trust me I didn’t know how she could talk without moving her lips.

“But I had only one date till now!” I screeched.
“You can go now” she said without looking at me.


“Leave” she said in slightly high tone but was still tapping away on her Mac. I decided to made an exit before she could shout out loud “Get the hell out of here you moron”.

Signing off:
Girl in the big city!!

Friday, 7 October 2011


               The Versatile Blogger Award

It’s a huge surprise that my blog has won “The Versatile Blogger” award. Massive thanks goes to 'F' at as she has been amazingly kind for considering me good enough for this award.

 The rules of this award are; Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award, Share seven things about yourself. Send it to fifteen other bloggers you appreciate and let them know you have awarded it to them.

Seven things you should know about me: ·

  • I am management graduate and have left the job in one of leading newspaper in the country just a day before my joining.·
  • I drink unhealthy amount of coffee ·
  • I love winters·
  • I am obsessive about chick-lit novels and Hollywood chick flicks!·
  • I have written a chick-lit novel and so far have received one rejection letter. ·
  • I don’t remember when I last saw a film and didn’t cry ·
  • I love my two little angels: Viksha & Mayra- my nieces.

The "Versatile Bloggers" whom i would like to pass on the award are:

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hangover Morning!

“Arggghhhh……..this pain is killing me!” Priya shirked though her clenched teethes. Since we woke up after the tremendous amount of Budweiser last night Priya had already threw up twice in my bathroom basin and once nearly on the kitchen floor when she was trying to put the kettle on for coffee.
“Priya don’t…” as I saw from the corner of my eyes, I screamed from the sofa and rushed towards the kitchen top before she threw up on the floor and hurriedly ushered her towards the sink. While she threw and cursed her fiancé, I held her hair back from her face.  

"He is the bloody soon of bitch!” she snapped before I could calm her down “you know I fucking had to squeeze all my shoes and clothes in one cupboard so that he could have the entire cupboard for his ties and shoes and see what he has done to me”.
“Babes I am sure he would have some good explanation of his sudden business-trip announcement” I tried to muster a smile but her crimson red face made me think better off.  “I mean his irresponsible behavior, he would have some explanation” I said in a small voice.

“If he still wants to marry me he bloody should have the fucking explanation!” she yanked my hands down and stomped back to the kitchen counter and poured two cups of strong black coffee. To be honest I hate coffee without milk rather sometimes I wonder that how could someone drink it and keep the face straight, at the same time. It’s just the disgusting and the ugliest drink on the earth but for hangover it’s the most effective medicine in the universe.
“Ok.  See it’s Saturday and I have a perfect plan for us. We could go out for brunch in Mocha and then could go to Planet M and get the DVD of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and can do manicure, pedicure, scrubbing and polishing while watching all the beautiful Tiffany jewelry in the movie and could go out to beach in evening and could have great time” I beamed, silently wishing to cheer her up. “You know it’s being so long since we spend our day together and share every bit of gossip that we have been keeping buried in our hearts from so many days” I said wistfully. Ok. I have to admit it, I don’t like her fiancé a lot rather at all and there are 3 reasons for this:

First; he always keeps Priya so occupied that she hardly gets time to even meet me for a quick coffee after office.

Second; I suspect that he hates me, I don’t know why but I reckon he just does.

Third; he has the dirtiest and ugliest hands I have ever seen attached to any man.
“Hmmm…..I guess you are right. We should have some fun and do our girly stuff. Sod the men!” she said in a pitch higher than usual.

“That’s the spirit girl” I clinked my half empty coffee mug with her mug. Sod the men? Really? I mean I have just met Vikrant and I guess I like him. I mean not like like but like.
After doing bit of cleaning of my highly destroyed living area, we ran shower one by one and I changed into my more-than-dozens-weeks-before-washed denim, plain black t-shirt and slipped my feet in the bright pink flip-flops and pulled my hair back in the messy bun whereas Priya wore her lovely turquoise blue Mango flowery dress, nude-colored Aldo wedges and left her hair loose allowing her perfectly natural soft curls swishing on her shoulders as she moves.

With our huge glasses on our hangover faces we left my apartment and walked straight out of the building like two girls on some secret mission.

Signing off:

Girl on the mission in the big city!!!  

Sunday, 4 September 2011

At my flat!!!

After that wonderful date in Café Basilico, I went home and speed dialed Priya but before I could open my mouth and tell her how amazing everything went and how breath-taking he was looking she cut me off and said “I am coming over your place for weekend because he has gone to Malaysia this evening for business trip and didn’t even bother to come home to collect his stuff as he was running out of the time” she tutted.
“Ok” I said gingerly. Sensing her level of anger I made a self note to not to say any word more than required.

“No, it’s not ok. I am his fucking fiancée and he didn’t have decency to tell me at least a day earlier that he is abandoning me just a day before our second anniversary just because his bloody company wants him to attend some shity business conference in Malaysia. Are you getting me? It’s Malaysia not Malad!” she snapped.

“OK. Should I come over to pick you up?” I offered.
“No. I know my way to your home and am bringing Budweiser and taking you down with me!” she hissed.

“Well. I am already thirsty” I smiled but actually I was not at all sure how I was gonna tolerate so much of alcohol. I remembered sharing three Jack Daniels with Priya on my first birthday in Mumbai and literally throwing up in my make up kit next morning when I was trying to apply as much concealer as possible to hide my-head-is-bursting face.

“I will be there before you know” she hung up.

Before she showed up at my flat with her cool blue UCB travel bag in one hand and whole carat of Budweiser in another hand clutching to her chest, I ordered Macdonald’s king size veg burgers, went down to the grocery store and came back with Pepsi bottles and stocked them in freezer, fished out the latest issues of Harper Bazaar, Vogue and Elle under the bed and arranged on the coffee table in the living room, put on the Bridget Jones Diary in the player, turned on the A.C, made the giant tub of popcorns, had a quick shower and changed into my cotton Pyjamas and old Mickey mouse T-shirt.

“I can’t believe he did that!” as she walked in the flat, she threw her bag on the floor, stomped towards the Sofa and put the carat on the table before throwing herself on it. Grabbing handful of popcorns from the tub and dropping few on the floor, she asked me to bring bottle opener.
“He had just gone out on a business trip, didn’t dump you for Christ sake!” I yelled in my way back from the kitchen into the living room.”Don’t over react!” I placed the weapon on the table beside the carat of Budweiser.

“Whatever!” she said nonchalantly and laid her hands on Elle and start leafing through the pages.
Four Budweiser, all the snacks, Bridget Jones Diary, 27 Dresses, Sweet November, Harper Bazaar, and going-through-every-detail-about-my-date later Priya passed on the sofa but I was awake. Even after so much of alcohol and dizzy head I was still not sleepy, so I decided to watch If only and after crying my eyes out and sobbing like a street puppy in cruel cold night throughout the movie I dozed off on the floor around fifteen passed two  A.M.

Signing off:
Sleeping girl in the big city!!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Oh gosh!
He is the most gorgeous man I have ever met in my life. It’s only ten minutes since I came back from our coffee date and I am already missing being with him. Earlier this evening when I walked in the café, I spotted him in the sofa reading TOI by the huge picturesque window which was exhibiting the beautiful scene of a tiny garden of café Basilico.

“Hey!” I chirped as I set in the vacant sofa chair.

“Hey sweetheart! It’s nice to see you!” he beamed a beautiful smile and for the first time I noticed that when he smiles his green eyes twinkle. He was looking heart-shattering in bottle green shirt which was the exact shade of his eyes and rugged denim. For a second I was blinded by his smile and failed to realize that I was holding his gaze longer than I ever should, ever and when I realized I quickly looked away at the garden outside the window.
“How are you?” I brought myself to speak after that tiny embarrassed second.

“That you can tell better” He winked. What? Was he flirting with me? I guess yes. But why I was blushing?
“You look good” I said.

“Thank you. Well even you are looking ………tensed?” He narrowed his eyes as if he was trying to read my mind, my thoughts. Oh Gosh!

Shit! This whole mission of find-a-date-to-save-the-job was definitely taking the toll on me. ‘Relax. You are fine. You will get him’ I chanted to myself, for some hundred times.

“I wanna ask you something. Would you be honest?” He looked directly into my eyes and I could feel his eyes boring in to my soul.
“errr…..yeah! Go ahead.” I said gingerly.

“Why are we here?” His gaze were holding mine tighter than ever.
“For coffee” I said mustering my casual tone.

“Only for coffee? I mean I thought you didn’t like me much!” He said and I swear the crease on his forehead made him more vulnerable. Ok. I hadn’t thought about this part. Of course I didn’t like him that much. I mean I like him but it’s different from like like.
“Umm…. Actually I found you pretty interesting and since I don’t have many friends in this city, I thought how much it could harm to make a new friend” I lied graciously.

“Ok. Great” he shifted in his chair but his gaze were still fixed on me. He was smiling but I was sure that he didn’t buy any of my words.
After telling him how and why I landed up in this city and listening to his side of story, how he has to visit different countries every now and then because of the nature of his job and how tiring and boring it could gets sometimes we called for a check. I reached in my bag for my share but he said “I will get it!”. This was the first time in my life when a guy had paid for my coffee. Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!

As we left the café, he walked to the parking and offered me a lift in his ROVER but I politely turned down the offer because I wasn’t sure how safe it would be to take a lift from a barely acquainted but fairly good looking guy. I waited for another five minutes, there were no taxis in the sight and when I gave up and decided to walk few miles, miraculously a shining black and yellow taxi appeared to be waiting on the other side of the road , so I rushed and jumped in it before driver could even blink. Suddenly my phone vibrated in my hand. It was message from Vikrant:

                           Dinner? Saturday?

Yeppppppiiiiiiiiiii…. I am so proud of myself because my first date is such a huge success!

 Signing off:
Ecstatic girl in the beautiful big city!!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

What to wear?

Right after the office I and Priya rushed back to my flat at 30 km/ph speed. As I turned the keys in the lock Priya flung opened the door with the hard kick and we marched up to my closet leaving our purses in the doorway.
“I can’t believe that you didn’t even think about what-to-wear-on-date cloths!” Priya shirked and pulled open my closet doors.

“I was so……err….whatever! I am sure I will have something to wear. Something decent. Just don’t shout on me and help me to dig out some dress” I said almost pleading.
"You should better have something decent coz you are going to Café Basilico not Barista. Remember that” she shot me a stern look. She was right; I just couldn’t get away with plain jeans-T-shirt combo or some Kaftan look. I definitely needed something nice if not to look smashing then at least to look reasonably good to take this date to the second, third, fourth…. date. Today if I failed to cash this chance, cash him then I promise I would board the train back to Shimla no matter what Priya or my parents would say.

“You really don’t socialize. Do you? Your wardrobe is telling everything about your super glamorous life” Priya said sarcastically while examining my blue superman t-shirt.
“You. You are my social life. When I am not socializing with me, I socialize with you and our social events required us to wear Pyjamas and ganjis not cocktail dresses and sequined jackets. Do you get that?” I snapped. It was getting too much. I seriously didn’t have anything happening to wear other then my staple wear. When I am writing this blog I seriously think that, Am I really becoming Bridget Jones day by day? Will I really die alone in my old not-raw-silk-but-cotton-pyjamas with a pile of rom-com dvds in one corner of the house, pile of Mills and Boons in the another corner and jars of nutella and rappers of strawberry yogurt bars scattered all over the place and no one would really notice that I am gone until my apartment start exuding vom-stinky smell? Oh gosh! My imagination is going terrible with every passing second.

After digging for good forty minutes we finally came to the conclusion that I seriously have nothing to wear but denims. So Priya decided to do something marvelously creative to my denims so they won’t look simple or just plain. She reached for the paper cutter in her purse which she always keeps as safety weapon in her beg and started scribing and tearing my jeans at different places and after ten minutes I was the proud owner of almost rugged & torn denim which surprisingly I liked more than I thought I would. I quickly pulled down the plain white t-shirt and tied my pink MANGO scarf around my waist instead of belt. Putting on my only and only and only Jimmy Choos, I hit the road and hailed the cab for Café Basilico. As the driver pulled over the taxi outside the café somehow I knew I was gonna nailed it.

 Signing off:
Poised girl in the big city!!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Would it work?

“What will you do without me?” sitting on the floor in the Priya’s living room I grab fist-full of popcorns from the huge plastic tub and thrust them in my mouth, all at once.
“Shut up! You can’t be serious. You can’t go back” Priya snap and pass me the sixth cup of coffee in last two hours.

“Priya. No one is gonna date me. No one ever did. AND trust me when I will tell that bitch that I can’t do this she would kick me out of the office and then I won’t have any job to earn my income and no money to pay my rent so eventually I will have to go back home. You can’t change the truth darling” I sob.
“Oh come on! That’s bullshit. We will find someone, just keep the spirit up” Priya says while turning the pages of Vogue bridal issue. She is not taking me seriously. She always does that. I mean why she can’t understand that I am the most un-datable girl ever born on the earth. Is it that difficult to understand?   

“How? Where? When?” I screech.
“ummmm……actually I have someone in my mind who would be apt for this job” she states and looks up at me with her big mischievous eyes.

“Really?? Whooooooo???” I ask curiously.
“Vikrant!” she retort.

“Vikrant? Oh please!”

“What was that?” she asks visibly taken aback by my reaction.
“I mean I barely know him and he is not here as well. How will I date him?  Do you expect me to walk to him and beg him to date me for the sake of my job?” I asked haughtily.

“Wow! That’s not a bad idea” she grins. “But how about calling him and fixing up a casual coffee meeting as soon as he returns from Goa?”
“Would it work?” I ask dubiously, narrowing my eyes to read her face.

“It should.” She says. She hauls the phone out of her jeans pocket “let’s call him” and speed dialed his number.
“You have his number?” I ask with not-very-impressed look.

“What do you think who am I darling?” she winks at me and thrust the phone in my hand. He picks up the phone on the third ring and from his voice I can tell that he was sleeping. I mean it was 11:30 P.M and I expect him to be in some hip party not in his bed alone or with someone. Dmanit!
We talk for some half-an-hour but not about anything particular or important and all I gatherer is that he is back in the city. It take me hell lot of guts and efforts to ask him out for a coffee and not sounds desperate both at the same time and much to my surprise he agrees to meet me at Café Basilico tomorrow after the office.

Ohmygod! I wish everything goes the way I want and I pray god to give me enough attitude just for a day so that I can drive him crazy after me, not on me.

 Signing off:
Girl on mission in the big city!!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Where will i find him?

Ok. I am back in Mumbai, back in my office.  Priya have chosen the Anjuna beach for night (beach) wedding and Natasha has accepted my article and has pointed out oodles of mistakes just in first ten lines. See I have always told you she is a bitch!
It’s been a week since I have came back but still for some strange reason I have found myself thinking about Vikrant quite a lot than healthier.  Though we had exchanged our numbers and he told me that I could call him anytime or we could meet whenever he is in the city but in last seven days neither I called nor he and I clearly have no idea that where he is or what he is doing. May be dating a super-hot-with-longest-legs model?

This morning when I entered the office I stood frozen in the doorway as I spotted Natasha housed on my chair in my cubicle and spinning it in 360 degree and only when she gave me ouch-look I realized that my mouth was handing open quite unattractively. I pulled it closed and walked up to her mustering my brightest smile ever.

“Hey Natasha. Morning” I beamed.
“Morning” She said. “I was waiting for you only” she smiled at me harshly.

“For me? Ummm…. Anything important?” I asked. Why was she sitting in my chair? I couldn’t remember when she last visited my cubicle or any other employee’s cubicle; it’s only us who marched up in her cabin with our hearts on our sleeves every now and then only to hear long lectures about not-so-valid-points in our articles.
“Yeah! I have heard that you are still single?” she threw a stone on me. What???

“What?” I crock. “I mean yes I am but what’s that to do with you?” I asked not knowing where she was getting to.
“Good. We need a girl like you” she smiled and her eyes brighten.

“What are you talking about Natasha?” I asked.
“Listen. We are going to start a diary kinda column in our magazine from next issue onwards and I want you to date some guy or guys and write about your dates, night outs and some more stuff.” She said nonchalantly. I opened my mouth to say something but she cut me off and continued “You have to write just once in a week, seven hundred words and will get Saturday off to party with your mystery guy.” She finished.

“I can’t do it. I mean you know it would mean that I have to write three columns in a week and all in different genres” I whined.
“I knew you would say that but let me tell you that we have recruited a new more professional travel writer yesterday and you are no more writing it. So take a deep breath.” she waved her solitaire studded hand in front of me and I chose to ignore that dig on me and talk about this not-so-happening news.

“But how? Where will I find this guy?” I whined.
“Darling, that you have to work out. After all we are paying you for this column as well.” She winked at me, turned on her heels and walked back to her cabin.

I plopped down on the chair, not knowing that who the hell will date me. In last one year nobody has even looked at me in that way.  I neither have bunch of cool friends to go out with to the super cool places which are always packed with damn hot crowd nor any social life or club membership. Where will i find him? I can’t even say no to this offer  because I am gonna get paid for this and that means incremental salary which means I can actually dream to afford Prada bag or Gucci belt or Ferragamo ballerinas in next few months and the cherry on pie is two offs every week. Maybe it’s not all that bad! Maybe!

Signing off:
Stuck girl in the City of Dreams!!!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

I hate her but I love David off!

I had such a fun in visiting goan markets, beaches and churches. I had bought tons of antique silver jewelry and clicked lots of pictures, so that I won’t miss any single place while writing the article. Everything was going superb until my phone screamed to life when I was standing on Anjuna beach with tiny red helmet on my head and harness tied tightly around my waist, all geared up for parasailing. I pleaded to the instructor to loosen up the harness so that I could reach for the phone which was ringing in my jeans pocket. First he ignored my request but when I gave threatened-to-cry expression, he walked to me murmuring something which I chose to ignore and carelessly opened up my harness.
“Thank you” I smiled at him and hauled the phone out of the pocket.

“Get out of my way” he snapped.

I looked at the screen, it was Natasha and just when I was about to hit the green button, the phone had gone dead. I quickly speed dialed her number and she picked up at the very first ring.

“Where the hell are you?” she screeched.
“ummm…. I am in Goa..err…I was researching for the article” I said and it was true. Wasn’t it?

“Really? But I didn’t get any outline from you till now.” She said squarely.
“But I thought that you would be busy in baby shower ceremony and won’t have time to look at unfinished article.” I muttered.

“Of course I am busy but it doesn’t mean that I have abandoned my work, like you” she accused. Who the hell she thinks she is? I mean I had been working my ass off. Ok. So what if it’s only today I started working on this article, I had three days to work on it and it was only second!
“I haven’t abounded my work” I retort.

“So where is the outline? How I am suppose to know that you are actually working and not loitering with stranger probably half naked man around the beaches and shacking you booty in pubs?” she shrieked.
“Natasha you will get the outline by 6 P.M” I could feel spasm in my guts.

“Great. So it will be in my inbox in next half-and-hour?” she confirmed.
“No, I said by 6 P.M!” I squawk.

“Yeah! That’s what I am saying. It’s 5:30 now so I guess by all the logics, in next thirty minutes it would be 6” she huffed. I checked my watch it was showing 3p.m and I totally forgot about the time distance between India and Singapore.
“See, I have to go. Will be waiting for your mail” she hung up the phone before I could say anything further. Fuck! I hate her.

“Shit! Shit! Shit” I screamed loudly and trust me it was loud enough to get all the non-required attention and when I looked around I could see practically everyone on the beach was glaring at me. I walked to the table on the nearby shack where my purse was laying on the table only to got hold of it.
“Is anything wrong?” I heard him and looked up only to found him standing in front of me, looking heart-shattering in blue denim and crumpled white shirt and could very easily be mistook as Ryan Reynold from the little distance.

“Hey!” I found my voice.
“Hello darling” Vikrant leaned in and gave a quick peck on my cheek.

“I have to leave” I excused and turned on my heel but stopped as I felt his hand gripping my arm.
“What’s wrong?” he asked and without even hesitating for a moment I blurted out about the phone call, much to my own surprise.

“I have to reach hotel and write down the outline and everything has to be done in thirty minutes” I tried hard not to cry.

“Ummm….why don’t you use my Mac, I have got it right here. It will save you time and all the stupid tension” he offered.
“Really? Can I do that?” I asked. I couldn’t believe that anything good could ever happen with me.

“I can’t see why you can’t.” he unwrapped my arm from his grip and folded his hands across his chest and was looking straight into my eyes. I could feel my heart thumping little faster than ever.
“Thanks.” Before I could realize I flung my arms around his neck and gave him the tight hug.  Oh gosh! I love his David off.

He lead me to his table and I quickly typed down what(places) I had visited and what(places) I was about to visit next and mailed it to Natasha right away, while he knocked down about two bottles of kingfisher and said nothing but kept staring at me. I really wanted to ask him to stop it but I didn’t have the guts to look up so I graciously ignored noticing him noticing me.

 Signing off:
Girl in the city of surf!!