Monday, 5 December 2011

Getting Control!

I can’t believe that it’s been a week since I am out of job. In last seven days I haven’t done a single thing, my apartment is a sigh and I look like some lonely, jilted Bridget Jones moaning over my unemployment if not over a bottle of wine but surely over the huge quantity of bread, eggs, nutella, coffee and Reese’s butter cupcakes.  Having said that I think I am not all that lonely as Priya makes a point to visit my flat every single day to check upon me aka to see if I have shoved a fist full of Vicoden in my gob or simply beat myself up if not to death then at least in coma. Typical of her.  
This morning when I woke up with a usual headache, I decided to pull myself together and out of this misery and take my shattered, wandered and nearly spoiled life in my hands, once again. I fished for writing pad and pen in my night stand drawer which I usually use to make weekly list of groceries and necessities and pined it on my refrigerator door but never get around looking at it even until after two weeks let alone going out to shop for them.

As I flapped open the hard bound cover of the pad, I quickly leaf through the already doodled pages and searched for the fresh page to pen down my yesterday’s schedule on one page and my today’s schedule on next page.
My yesterday’s schedule (which was same for any other day in the past week):

9 A.M: Get up and brush my teethes
9:15 A.M: Make myself some a pot of coffee
9:30 A.M: Drink that coffee for another half-hour back to back
10 A.M: Make myself some breakfast aka Bread-egg
10:15A.M: flopped down on the sofa with my breakfast plate and tuned into old episodes of Friends back to back
2P.M: Order Chinese from a local restaurant just down the block
2:30 P.M: Eat the lunch and put on the first season’s episode CD of SATC and watch episodes’ back to back
8 P.M: Order Chinese from the local restaurant just down the block
8:10 P.M: Have hot shower
8:30 P.M: Eat dinner
8:40 P.M: Watch the recorded episodes of ‘The real housewives of New Jersey’ and polish couple of butter cupcakes
12A.M: Cry myself to sleep- I have no job, what will I do tomorrow?

 My new Schedule for tomorrow (and hopefully for upcoming days as well)
8A.M: Wake up, brush my teethes and change into gym gears
8:10 A.M: Go to gym
9:30 A.M: Come from gym and eat breakfast
10A.M: Get shower and get dressed in clean PJs and comfy T-shirt
10:30 A.M: Sort out my hair
11 A.M: Brows web and go through newspaper and look for the new job
1P.M: Update FB, Twitter- remain socially active
2P.M: Order Chinese from the local restaurant just down the block
2:30 P.M: Eat lunch
2:45 P.M: Watch recorded episodes of Fabulous Cakes
4:00 P.M: Have a power nap at least for an hour
5:00 P.M: Make myself some tea and set up with my laptop by the French and only window of my apartment and start working on a novel I wanted to write only god knows since when.
7:30 P.M: Call Priya and arrange to meet her for dinner
7:35 P.M: Get dressed
10:00 P.M: come back home, change and watch some good rom-com movie preferable Breakfast at Tiffany’s while munching fistful of stuffed Olives
12:00 A.M: Doze Off!


 Signing off:
Girl in control in the big city!!!


  1. Thank you! It would be more fantastic if it would go as it's planned...I will keep updating!