Sunday, 27 May 2012

Awful Day!!!

“No no noooooooooooooooooooooooooo……how cou…… this can’t b……..holy fu…..” I couldn’t believe my eyes. How the hell could I let it happen? How the hell I overslept? How the bloody hell I was still under my duvet when I should have been sitting and waiting for my interview in Glamour’s office? Holly shit!

Jumping out of the bed, I ran towards my wardrobe and changed in the first thing I managed to grab. I picked up my bag, throw in all the things which could make me look like at least not lunatic, grabbed my resume from the coffee table and dashed out of the apartment with my shoes in other hand. Rushing down the stairs I forgot to put my shoes on and as I step out of my building, hoping to get a cab without much waiting all I say was “bullocks!”, the concert street under my naked foot was burning. Quickly I put on the shoes and without caring how awful I might have been looking standing in the middle of the buzzing road with my bird-nest hair on the clear and bright day, I screamed for cab again and again. And for once, I got the cab with in ten minutes.

Once in a cab, I hauled my phone and call the Glamour to let the receptionist know that I would be tiny bit late and when she says no issues, finally I took my first breath of this awesomely screwed up day. Finally I combed my hair, wiped my face with wet wipes, put on a bit of make-up, adjusted my dress, popped in few mint pills to kill that horse breath, went through my resume and when once again I reached in my bag for the zillionth time, I realized I forgot to carry my notes. The notes on which I have spent hours in preparing and which actually is a mini encyclopaedia of Glamour…I forgot to bring them with me. Without going through those notes I can’t answer a single question, I can’t get my job and no one absolutely no one on this earth can help me getting through this interview.

I was already horribly late which means I practically had no time to go back to the apartment and search for those notes. What will I do now?

Signing off:
Girl in trouble in a big city!