Saturday, 23 July 2011

I hate her but I love David off!

I had such a fun in visiting goan markets, beaches and churches. I had bought tons of antique silver jewelry and clicked lots of pictures, so that I won’t miss any single place while writing the article. Everything was going superb until my phone screamed to life when I was standing on Anjuna beach with tiny red helmet on my head and harness tied tightly around my waist, all geared up for parasailing. I pleaded to the instructor to loosen up the harness so that I could reach for the phone which was ringing in my jeans pocket. First he ignored my request but when I gave threatened-to-cry expression, he walked to me murmuring something which I chose to ignore and carelessly opened up my harness.
“Thank you” I smiled at him and hauled the phone out of the pocket.

“Get out of my way” he snapped.

I looked at the screen, it was Natasha and just when I was about to hit the green button, the phone had gone dead. I quickly speed dialed her number and she picked up at the very first ring.

“Where the hell are you?” she screeched.
“ummm…. I am in Goa..err…I was researching for the article” I said and it was true. Wasn’t it?

“Really? But I didn’t get any outline from you till now.” She said squarely.
“But I thought that you would be busy in baby shower ceremony and won’t have time to look at unfinished article.” I muttered.

“Of course I am busy but it doesn’t mean that I have abandoned my work, like you” she accused. Who the hell she thinks she is? I mean I had been working my ass off. Ok. So what if it’s only today I started working on this article, I had three days to work on it and it was only second!
“I haven’t abounded my work” I retort.

“So where is the outline? How I am suppose to know that you are actually working and not loitering with stranger probably half naked man around the beaches and shacking you booty in pubs?” she shrieked.
“Natasha you will get the outline by 6 P.M” I could feel spasm in my guts.

“Great. So it will be in my inbox in next half-and-hour?” she confirmed.
“No, I said by 6 P.M!” I squawk.

“Yeah! That’s what I am saying. It’s 5:30 now so I guess by all the logics, in next thirty minutes it would be 6” she huffed. I checked my watch it was showing 3p.m and I totally forgot about the time distance between India and Singapore.
“See, I have to go. Will be waiting for your mail” she hung up the phone before I could say anything further. Fuck! I hate her.

“Shit! Shit! Shit” I screamed loudly and trust me it was loud enough to get all the non-required attention and when I looked around I could see practically everyone on the beach was glaring at me. I walked to the table on the nearby shack where my purse was laying on the table only to got hold of it.
“Is anything wrong?” I heard him and looked up only to found him standing in front of me, looking heart-shattering in blue denim and crumpled white shirt and could very easily be mistook as Ryan Reynold from the little distance.

“Hey!” I found my voice.
“Hello darling” Vikrant leaned in and gave a quick peck on my cheek.

“I have to leave” I excused and turned on my heel but stopped as I felt his hand gripping my arm.
“What’s wrong?” he asked and without even hesitating for a moment I blurted out about the phone call, much to my own surprise.

“I have to reach hotel and write down the outline and everything has to be done in thirty minutes” I tried hard not to cry.

“Ummm….why don’t you use my Mac, I have got it right here. It will save you time and all the stupid tension” he offered.
“Really? Can I do that?” I asked. I couldn’t believe that anything good could ever happen with me.

“I can’t see why you can’t.” he unwrapped my arm from his grip and folded his hands across his chest and was looking straight into my eyes. I could feel my heart thumping little faster than ever.
“Thanks.” Before I could realize I flung my arms around his neck and gave him the tight hug.  Oh gosh! I love his David off.

He lead me to his table and I quickly typed down what(places) I had visited and what(places) I was about to visit next and mailed it to Natasha right away, while he knocked down about two bottles of kingfisher and said nothing but kept staring at me. I really wanted to ask him to stop it but I didn’t have the guts to look up so I graciously ignored noticing him noticing me.

 Signing off:
Girl in the city of surf!!

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