Sunday, 31 July 2011

Where will i find him?

Ok. I am back in Mumbai, back in my office.  Priya have chosen the Anjuna beach for night (beach) wedding and Natasha has accepted my article and has pointed out oodles of mistakes just in first ten lines. See I have always told you she is a bitch!
It’s been a week since I have came back but still for some strange reason I have found myself thinking about Vikrant quite a lot than healthier.  Though we had exchanged our numbers and he told me that I could call him anytime or we could meet whenever he is in the city but in last seven days neither I called nor he and I clearly have no idea that where he is or what he is doing. May be dating a super-hot-with-longest-legs model?

This morning when I entered the office I stood frozen in the doorway as I spotted Natasha housed on my chair in my cubicle and spinning it in 360 degree and only when she gave me ouch-look I realized that my mouth was handing open quite unattractively. I pulled it closed and walked up to her mustering my brightest smile ever.

“Hey Natasha. Morning” I beamed.
“Morning” She said. “I was waiting for you only” she smiled at me harshly.

“For me? Ummm…. Anything important?” I asked. Why was she sitting in my chair? I couldn’t remember when she last visited my cubicle or any other employee’s cubicle; it’s only us who marched up in her cabin with our hearts on our sleeves every now and then only to hear long lectures about not-so-valid-points in our articles.
“Yeah! I have heard that you are still single?” she threw a stone on me. What???

“What?” I crock. “I mean yes I am but what’s that to do with you?” I asked not knowing where she was getting to.
“Good. We need a girl like you” she smiled and her eyes brighten.

“What are you talking about Natasha?” I asked.
“Listen. We are going to start a diary kinda column in our magazine from next issue onwards and I want you to date some guy or guys and write about your dates, night outs and some more stuff.” She said nonchalantly. I opened my mouth to say something but she cut me off and continued “You have to write just once in a week, seven hundred words and will get Saturday off to party with your mystery guy.” She finished.

“I can’t do it. I mean you know it would mean that I have to write three columns in a week and all in different genres” I whined.
“I knew you would say that but let me tell you that we have recruited a new more professional travel writer yesterday and you are no more writing it. So take a deep breath.” she waved her solitaire studded hand in front of me and I chose to ignore that dig on me and talk about this not-so-happening news.

“But how? Where will I find this guy?” I whined.
“Darling, that you have to work out. After all we are paying you for this column as well.” She winked at me, turned on her heels and walked back to her cabin.

I plopped down on the chair, not knowing that who the hell will date me. In last one year nobody has even looked at me in that way.  I neither have bunch of cool friends to go out with to the super cool places which are always packed with damn hot crowd nor any social life or club membership. Where will i find him? I can’t even say no to this offer  because I am gonna get paid for this and that means incremental salary which means I can actually dream to afford Prada bag or Gucci belt or Ferragamo ballerinas in next few months and the cherry on pie is two offs every week. Maybe it’s not all that bad! Maybe!

Signing off:
Stuck girl in the City of Dreams!!!

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