Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hangover Morning!

“Arggghhhh……..this pain is killing me!” Priya shirked though her clenched teethes. Since we woke up after the tremendous amount of Budweiser last night Priya had already threw up twice in my bathroom basin and once nearly on the kitchen floor when she was trying to put the kettle on for coffee.
“Priya don’t…” as I saw from the corner of my eyes, I screamed from the sofa and rushed towards the kitchen top before she threw up on the floor and hurriedly ushered her towards the sink. While she threw and cursed her fiancé, I held her hair back from her face.  

"He is the bloody soon of bitch!” she snapped before I could calm her down “you know I fucking had to squeeze all my shoes and clothes in one cupboard so that he could have the entire cupboard for his ties and shoes and see what he has done to me”.
“Babes I am sure he would have some good explanation of his sudden business-trip announcement” I tried to muster a smile but her crimson red face made me think better off.  “I mean his irresponsible behavior, he would have some explanation” I said in a small voice.

“If he still wants to marry me he bloody should have the fucking explanation!” she yanked my hands down and stomped back to the kitchen counter and poured two cups of strong black coffee. To be honest I hate coffee without milk rather sometimes I wonder that how could someone drink it and keep the face straight, at the same time. It’s just the disgusting and the ugliest drink on the earth but for hangover it’s the most effective medicine in the universe.
“Ok.  See it’s Saturday and I have a perfect plan for us. We could go out for brunch in Mocha and then could go to Planet M and get the DVD of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and can do manicure, pedicure, scrubbing and polishing while watching all the beautiful Tiffany jewelry in the movie and could go out to beach in evening and could have great time” I beamed, silently wishing to cheer her up. “You know it’s being so long since we spend our day together and share every bit of gossip that we have been keeping buried in our hearts from so many days” I said wistfully. Ok. I have to admit it, I don’t like her fiancé a lot rather at all and there are 3 reasons for this:

First; he always keeps Priya so occupied that she hardly gets time to even meet me for a quick coffee after office.

Second; I suspect that he hates me, I don’t know why but I reckon he just does.

Third; he has the dirtiest and ugliest hands I have ever seen attached to any man.
“Hmmm…..I guess you are right. We should have some fun and do our girly stuff. Sod the men!” she said in a pitch higher than usual.

“That’s the spirit girl” I clinked my half empty coffee mug with her mug. Sod the men? Really? I mean I have just met Vikrant and I guess I like him. I mean not like like but like.
After doing bit of cleaning of my highly destroyed living area, we ran shower one by one and I changed into my more-than-dozens-weeks-before-washed denim, plain black t-shirt and slipped my feet in the bright pink flip-flops and pulled my hair back in the messy bun whereas Priya wore her lovely turquoise blue Mango flowery dress, nude-colored Aldo wedges and left her hair loose allowing her perfectly natural soft curls swishing on her shoulders as she moves.

With our huge glasses on our hangover faces we left my apartment and walked straight out of the building like two girls on some secret mission.

Signing off:

Girl on the mission in the big city!!!  

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