Monday, 12 March 2012

I am back!

One month. For one fucking month I had been away from my lappy and from this blog but things had been crazy at my end. I am deeply and terribly sorry for my absence. I know you guys want to know what happened with me after that call from Glamour. So I am going to pick up the story exactly from where I left it:
After that call I literally couldn’t sleep that night. Sitting on the couch, I went over and over about all kind of impressive and fancy things in my mind which I was going to say in my interview. I was so engrossed in preparing for the big day that I totally lost the track of the time and when my door bell rang past-midnight, it’s only then I checked time in my blackberry and almost fell from the sofa after realizing that it was nearly 4A.M and Priya hadn’t come back home. Hoping out of the sofa I rushed towards the door silently wishing it was Priya and loudly praying that she was safe and not had been murdered by some psycho killer.  Thank god! It was Priya but to my horror her face was red. Hang on was she blushing?

“Hey where had you been? I was so worried about you.” I lied through my teeth. Worried? Crap! Rather I totally forgot that Priya had gone out on a date with a guy she had never met before (of course digital chat doesn’t count!).
“But you didn’t call to check on me!” she said nonchalantly while kicking out her shoes and dropping her purse on the table before slumping on the sofa.

“How was the date?” ok. So I was going to behave neither I asked her about her whereabouts nor she caught me off guard.
“Oh! It was awesome. He was so gorgeous and amazing.” she blushed. Again.

“You bitch. Tell me everything” I said and she obediently poured out every single detail about her date. It was perfect with dinner at lavish restaurant followed by Champaign, walking on the deserted beach hand in hand, going back to his apartment and getting all cozy and dirty. Priya was glowing and it was after so many days I saw her happy. I was happy for her too, I swear but I flinched at the thought that it was just a kind of date I wanted throughout my life but never crossed path with one genuine guy.
“I am so happy for you” I hugged her and we giggled like teenagers.

“By the way what have you been up to? Why are you awake at this ungodly hour?” she asked while wandering her eyes over my lappy.
“You won’t believe what happened today” and I told her about the call.

“I can’t believe it. Oh girl! You are awesome. You are gonna kick their ass off. Let me tell you once you’ll be there they will beg you to take this position!” she flunked her arms on my shoulders and enveloped me in one big hug.
Once Priya changed into her tank-top and old track pants, I made her sit down on the bed and tell her about all the things I had prepared for the interview and after listening everything she said “fuck them all”. Switching off the lappy and (safely) putting away all the notes I had made for the interview, we plopped down on the bed and before dozing off I asked Priya one last question.

“Do you think I’ll get it?”
“No one deserves it more than you. You fit in there. I can see you in that swanky office, living your dream” she said and we blissfully dozed off.

Signing off:
Knackered but happiest girls in the big city!!