Sunday, 31 July 2011

Where will i find him?

Ok. I am back in Mumbai, back in my office.  Priya have chosen the Anjuna beach for night (beach) wedding and Natasha has accepted my article and has pointed out oodles of mistakes just in first ten lines. See I have always told you she is a bitch!
It’s been a week since I have came back but still for some strange reason I have found myself thinking about Vikrant quite a lot than healthier.  Though we had exchanged our numbers and he told me that I could call him anytime or we could meet whenever he is in the city but in last seven days neither I called nor he and I clearly have no idea that where he is or what he is doing. May be dating a super-hot-with-longest-legs model?

This morning when I entered the office I stood frozen in the doorway as I spotted Natasha housed on my chair in my cubicle and spinning it in 360 degree and only when she gave me ouch-look I realized that my mouth was handing open quite unattractively. I pulled it closed and walked up to her mustering my brightest smile ever.

“Hey Natasha. Morning” I beamed.
“Morning” She said. “I was waiting for you only” she smiled at me harshly.

“For me? Ummm…. Anything important?” I asked. Why was she sitting in my chair? I couldn’t remember when she last visited my cubicle or any other employee’s cubicle; it’s only us who marched up in her cabin with our hearts on our sleeves every now and then only to hear long lectures about not-so-valid-points in our articles.
“Yeah! I have heard that you are still single?” she threw a stone on me. What???

“What?” I crock. “I mean yes I am but what’s that to do with you?” I asked not knowing where she was getting to.
“Good. We need a girl like you” she smiled and her eyes brighten.

“What are you talking about Natasha?” I asked.
“Listen. We are going to start a diary kinda column in our magazine from next issue onwards and I want you to date some guy or guys and write about your dates, night outs and some more stuff.” She said nonchalantly. I opened my mouth to say something but she cut me off and continued “You have to write just once in a week, seven hundred words and will get Saturday off to party with your mystery guy.” She finished.

“I can’t do it. I mean you know it would mean that I have to write three columns in a week and all in different genres” I whined.
“I knew you would say that but let me tell you that we have recruited a new more professional travel writer yesterday and you are no more writing it. So take a deep breath.” she waved her solitaire studded hand in front of me and I chose to ignore that dig on me and talk about this not-so-happening news.

“But how? Where will I find this guy?” I whined.
“Darling, that you have to work out. After all we are paying you for this column as well.” She winked at me, turned on her heels and walked back to her cabin.

I plopped down on the chair, not knowing that who the hell will date me. In last one year nobody has even looked at me in that way.  I neither have bunch of cool friends to go out with to the super cool places which are always packed with damn hot crowd nor any social life or club membership. Where will i find him? I can’t even say no to this offer  because I am gonna get paid for this and that means incremental salary which means I can actually dream to afford Prada bag or Gucci belt or Ferragamo ballerinas in next few months and the cherry on pie is two offs every week. Maybe it’s not all that bad! Maybe!

Signing off:
Stuck girl in the City of Dreams!!!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

I hate her but I love David off!

I had such a fun in visiting goan markets, beaches and churches. I had bought tons of antique silver jewelry and clicked lots of pictures, so that I won’t miss any single place while writing the article. Everything was going superb until my phone screamed to life when I was standing on Anjuna beach with tiny red helmet on my head and harness tied tightly around my waist, all geared up for parasailing. I pleaded to the instructor to loosen up the harness so that I could reach for the phone which was ringing in my jeans pocket. First he ignored my request but when I gave threatened-to-cry expression, he walked to me murmuring something which I chose to ignore and carelessly opened up my harness.
“Thank you” I smiled at him and hauled the phone out of the pocket.

“Get out of my way” he snapped.

I looked at the screen, it was Natasha and just when I was about to hit the green button, the phone had gone dead. I quickly speed dialed her number and she picked up at the very first ring.

“Where the hell are you?” she screeched.
“ummm…. I am in Goa..err…I was researching for the article” I said and it was true. Wasn’t it?

“Really? But I didn’t get any outline from you till now.” She said squarely.
“But I thought that you would be busy in baby shower ceremony and won’t have time to look at unfinished article.” I muttered.

“Of course I am busy but it doesn’t mean that I have abandoned my work, like you” she accused. Who the hell she thinks she is? I mean I had been working my ass off. Ok. So what if it’s only today I started working on this article, I had three days to work on it and it was only second!
“I haven’t abounded my work” I retort.

“So where is the outline? How I am suppose to know that you are actually working and not loitering with stranger probably half naked man around the beaches and shacking you booty in pubs?” she shrieked.
“Natasha you will get the outline by 6 P.M” I could feel spasm in my guts.

“Great. So it will be in my inbox in next half-and-hour?” she confirmed.
“No, I said by 6 P.M!” I squawk.

“Yeah! That’s what I am saying. It’s 5:30 now so I guess by all the logics, in next thirty minutes it would be 6” she huffed. I checked my watch it was showing 3p.m and I totally forgot about the time distance between India and Singapore.
“See, I have to go. Will be waiting for your mail” she hung up the phone before I could say anything further. Fuck! I hate her.

“Shit! Shit! Shit” I screamed loudly and trust me it was loud enough to get all the non-required attention and when I looked around I could see practically everyone on the beach was glaring at me. I walked to the table on the nearby shack where my purse was laying on the table only to got hold of it.
“Is anything wrong?” I heard him and looked up only to found him standing in front of me, looking heart-shattering in blue denim and crumpled white shirt and could very easily be mistook as Ryan Reynold from the little distance.

“Hey!” I found my voice.
“Hello darling” Vikrant leaned in and gave a quick peck on my cheek.

“I have to leave” I excused and turned on my heel but stopped as I felt his hand gripping my arm.
“What’s wrong?” he asked and without even hesitating for a moment I blurted out about the phone call, much to my own surprise.

“I have to reach hotel and write down the outline and everything has to be done in thirty minutes” I tried hard not to cry.

“Ummm….why don’t you use my Mac, I have got it right here. It will save you time and all the stupid tension” he offered.
“Really? Can I do that?” I asked. I couldn’t believe that anything good could ever happen with me.

“I can’t see why you can’t.” he unwrapped my arm from his grip and folded his hands across his chest and was looking straight into my eyes. I could feel my heart thumping little faster than ever.
“Thanks.” Before I could realize I flung my arms around his neck and gave him the tight hug.  Oh gosh! I love his David off.

He lead me to his table and I quickly typed down what(places) I had visited and what(places) I was about to visit next and mailed it to Natasha right away, while he knocked down about two bottles of kingfisher and said nothing but kept staring at me. I really wanted to ask him to stop it but I didn’t have the guts to look up so I graciously ignored noticing him noticing me.

 Signing off:
Girl in the city of surf!!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

It's time for real work!

It’s 9 A.M and I am sitting on lounge chair with my laptop lying on glass chrome table just next to me in the balcony and instead of writing my article about Goa, I am letting the sun bleaching my skin. Sun at this hour is soft not boiling like yesterday afternoon which actually peeled off my skin. Every time I lean on the table to write in word I didn’t see anything coming to my mind and may be this is because since I landed up here, in Goa, I haven’t been to anywhere worth writing other than deserted beach which was just fifty yards from our resort and to Paradiso where I blurted out my painful story of “I am getting so bored” in front of irritatingly cute stranger.  I need to go out and see the actual Goa like local markets, spas, churches, more happening restaurants and need to try out all the water sports at least once.
Wait. I guess Priya is awake back in the room. I need to go and tell her that I can’t waste my time in doing all the stupid things and I really need to get down to work. I have only two days to write this bloody travel article. Arrgggggghhhhhh!

“Priya. Look, today I am going out to visit local markets and some other places and you go and hunt for the suitable wedding venue. We are here for work. Remember?” I tut while looking at Priya, who is still sitting in bed wrapped in duvet as if it’s snowing outside and is looking at me with half open eyes as if I have all of a sudden started talking in Spanish.

“Are you all right?” she asks.
“Yeah?” I can’t believe that she is not taking me seriously.

“We have two days. I am sure it’s ample time for me to hunt down the venue and for you to write the article and for us to do little more fun” she says nonchalantly.
“Priya. I have a lot to do and I am leaving in fifteen minutes” I inform and turned on my heels to head towards the bathroom before she can argue further.

“Adhaya. You are over reacting darling. We can handle all the things you know!” she screeches from the bed.
“Ok. So I am leaving” I announce while getting out from the bathroom wearing my old torn-look denim and plain cream T-shirt.  Getting hold of my envelope style purse which I bought from Fashion Street in Mumbai in just 250 INR  after half hour long bargaining and putting on my two and half inches practical black heels, I air kiss in her direction “Will see you in evening”.

“You are bitch” she hisses under her breath.
“I heard that” I say over my shoulder and open the door.

“I meant to” she shriek.

“Whatever” I slam the door shut behind me.

Signing off:
Girl at work in the city of surf!!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

I met him..!!!

What a night that was? After spending our afternoon under the grilling sun on the almost deserted Candolim beach, we went back to our resort with tanning (actually Priya was tanned and I was sun burned). I had spent rest of the evening in rubbing ice cubes all over my face, arms and legs and Priya catch up on sound sleep.

It was past 11p.m when after mammoth meal and two bottles of Pinot Grigio we rose on our foot to walk back to our room and finally doze off.

“Let’s change” Priya said as I put keys in the lock of our room.

“I am just too exhausted to change. Guess will sleep in these cloths only” I said looking at my pink flowery dress.

“I am saying change for the party” Priya said over her shoulder while walking towards the closet.

“Party?” I croak.

“See we are in Goa and we just can’t get in bed at 11. Darling we are here for fun, to party” she said standing in front of huge mirror examining her new five-inches way to high black satin pumps.

“Listen to me you bitch. I am not going anywhere. And let me remind you I am here to work and you to choose your wedding venue” I yelled. I mean was she serious? How she couldn’t notice my alarming lack-of-sleep and exhausted state.

“Listen you haven’t done any work till now and we both know how much you love your job” Priya rattled out from her pumps and folded her hand across her chest accusingly.

"Ok. I may not love my job but I love my income” I said defiantly.

“Whatever. Just put on some decent cloths, we are going for party” she said and I knew no matter how much I argue over ‘I don’t wanna go’ she was not going to give up.“You are so bad” I tutted.

“I know. But you are so good” she came to me and flung her arms around my shoulders and gave me a tight hug. It was just so tight that I actually missed few breaths. Was she trying to kill me? Why? Wearing flowery dresses are not all that bad. Are they?

At mid-night we hailed the cab to the Anjuna beach. I in my brown sequined (decent) hot pants, white top and copper sequined ballerinas and Priya in her little black one shoulder dress (rather too little) and black satin pumps walked in the Paradiso. It was the most happening club of Goa (I once read in traveler) with four levels and all facing towards the sea. It was breath taking view from the terrace. Though sea was lost in the dark but crashing sound of waves could be clearly heard.

Priya was dancing with a group of five boys and one girl. Great. I was standing by terrace grill all alone and was looking out at nothing. Damn.

"Not enjoying the party?” posh voice from the back asked me. I turned around and was stunned to see the same guy from the bus who swapped the seats with Priya standing in front of me in white linen shirt which was amazingly clinging to his well worked out body and dark blue denim. He was looking gorgeous.

We housed on the huge cream sofa in the corner, away from the dance floor. I told him how Priya ruled and ruined my entire day and he listened patiently with faint smile here and there. “Why am I telling him all this?” this question kept on buzzing at back of my mind but I chose to ignore and pour my pain out. After three mojitos, two hours of talking (what did we actually talked about?) and exchanging information about our professions I stood up to leave.

"Shall we go?” Priya asked while walking in our direction with a mysterious smile. I know I know she was dying to know what we talked in last couple of hours. “Hey Vikrant. How are you?” she asked and leaned to gave him a quick hug and peck on his cheek. Bitch!

“I am good” he said. “Your friend was getting bored, so I was just giving her the company” he said looking at me.

“Yeah. I have been noticing that” she said looking at me and my cheeks turned into strange shade of red. I didn’t know weather his eyes on me made me blushed or Priya’s eyes on me made me embarrassed but one thing was certain ‘I was not comfortable’.

“Let’s go. I am tired.” I grabbed her by the elbow and used all my strength to drag her out from the club without even looking at him.

After changing in my pyjamas when I finally threw myself on the bed I realized I was not sleepy. Not at all. His face, his smile kept floating in my mind.

Signing off:

Not asleep girl in the city of surf!!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

She is getting on my nerves!

Wow!!! Ok let me tell you this. We reached Goa around 8 in the morning and hailed the cab to Casablanca beach resort as soon as I touched the Goan land.
“It’s amazing!” Priya exclaimed as we entered in the white Spanish style resort with a hug swimming pool right in the centre of the resort. To be honest, it was really amazing and looking posh. Since it’s not a tourist season we got a room at half of the price but little did we know we got a room with a balcony overlooking swimming pool and Arabian Sea! (in just half of the price) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy….!!!

Well as we stepped on the wooden floor of massive room with bright yellow wall with cream stars behind the bed-head against the three lavish cream walls, I walked to the bed without wasting a single moment and crashed on it. It’s soft and so damn comforting. I was determined to spend next couple of hours in it just before Priya dragged me out of the bed holding my left foot.

She is such a monster. She threatened me to accompany her to the beach for the breakfast right away or she would threw away my only and only and only and only Jimmy Choo in the pool (did I tell u I hate her?).

She insisted to go for a swimming rather than the quick shower and it was my turn to threaten “you mention swimming one more time and I am gonna flop down on the bed with my Jimmy Choo under my pillow and snuggle for the rest of the day” I warned with eyes much wider even to my own surprise.

“Ok. Fine. Don’t come if you don’t want” she said gingerly before slipping into her tiny costume right in front of me.

So we settled on the deal that she will go for a quick swimming and I will go for a quick shower. But much to my dismay, I bloody slept in bath tub (it’s not my fault. It’s so warm and comforting that it strokes me to sleep. Am I guilty?) and for the crime of stretching the bath from 10 minutes to 35 minutes Priya punished me not only with the breakfast on the beach but also the water sports under the grilling sun. I will never forgive her for ruining my much-needed-sleep. Bitch!

Keeping everything aside let me tell you I am on the Candolim beach at this moment (wearing light blue kaftan) and sipping chilled Mojito while writing this blog and Priya is playing in the surf (in her just-equally-to-not-existing denim hot pants and see through oxford shirt) with a bunch of half naked men (Did I tell you they are looking sizzling? NOT Priya of course.huh!) by the edge of the sea. She is a bitch!

 Signing off
Sleep-deprive girl in the city of surf!!