Sunday, 30 October 2011

I am beyond happy!

I was right! I was just so damn right. After that good night sleep, next day I woke up around seven-ish which meant that I had two solid hours to write my first write up before I could go through my regular rituals of getting ready for the office.
As soon as I sprang out of the bed, i brew myself a pot of coffee, walked back to the room, opened the only french window in the apartment and sat by it with my laptop on the floor.  I re-ran the entire date in my mind and wrote about it in as much fancy manner as I could, though I tempted to add few raunchy details-which-didn’t-happen but the first rule of being a good writer is never write what never happened unless you are writing a fiction but here I was writing about my life, my romantic life, so I couldn’t lie. It was against the rule.

After successfully writing good enough write-up I managed to reach office just in time and now I am pretending to do the research work for “How to know that your man is cheating on you?” article for the next month’s issue on my computer while actually trying to find directions to Hard Rock Café. Earlier Vikrant was supposed to pick me up from the office but this morning when I was standing in front of Natasha while she was reading my write-up my phone vibrated in my hand and I managed to peep in my inbox only to found that Vikrant couldn’t come to pick me up and i have to reach there on my own. It was bit too upsetting as I was in no mood to roam around the city in this awful rain but I didn’t have any other option. Did I? Observing my gaze on my blackberry Natasha cleared her throat to bring my wandered mind back to her office.
“This is good” she said in a voice which was completely against her opinion.

“Thanks. I am glad you liked it.” I was beyond happy because as far as I could remember this was the first time when she actually said something good about my work. Though I know how much troubled she must had felt while getting those words out.
“Nevertheless, where is another one?” she looked straight in to my eyes.

“You said you need them by Wednesday morning which is tomorrow. The second one will be on your table, first thing in the morning.” I beamed.
“Ok. Go back to work.” She said.

What? Is that it? Is she alright? I mean she didn’t bark or humiliated me which is the part of her usual day. Is she in some kind of trouble? Is she in pain? Did she break-up with her hot-shot PR boyfriend? Whatever, I am glad that she didn’t spoil my day or my mood. Now for the rest of the day I didn’t have to see her face and I am beyond happy about this as well. Now I can go through the rest of the day, relaxing, twitting, facebooking and er….yes doing that research work as well before going out on the date. This day is fab.

 Signing Off:
Girl at ease in the big city!!!

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