Sunday, 9 October 2011

Why she hates me?

“In my cabin. NOW!” Natasha shrieked from the other side of the phone. I just didn’t understand why she had to be such a bitch all the time, especially on Monday mornings when it was already so tough to concentrate on work after forty-eight hours long weekends. I didn’t remember when was the last time when she asked me to come in her office nicely and discussed about my highly prestigious column over a cup of coffee. Ok. I might not write about political scandals or unravels some sensational support-person’s affairs but I did write about relationships, fashion and other lifestyle issues which were not an ounce less important for a common human being on this earth. Whatever! I was sure she must have had thought about some or the other thing to yell at me like maniac only to made my already miserable life, zillion times more miserable.
I mean look at last week, I had this fabulous date with Vikrant and amazing evening with Priya but then next day she came up with this Sod The Men thing and made me cancel my second date with Vikrant for which I was heart-stoppingly happy till Saturday morning and had secretly thought about all the possible reasons that I could have given Priya and sneak out in the evening without letting her know that I was going out with Vikrant. But everything crashed upside down when Vikrant called me in the evening and Priya picked up the phone when I was away in bathroom giving myself very relaxing manicure and  without even asking or telling me she told him that I was busy and couldn’t make it tonight and even hijacked my phone so I couldn’t call him back.

“Give me my phone Priya! Just let me call him once” I mustered my calmest tone but inside I was burning and wanted to scream at the top of my lungs WHAT THE HELL YOU THINK YOU HAVE DONE.
“HA! Forget it kiddo” she said and stomped to the kitchen to made us Maggie, leaving me standing in the hallway like five year old kid who had been just told that you can’t get an ice-cream because you haven’t done your homework properly.  Urghhhhh…. I wanted to kill me. It was the first time when I was asked out on second date, not that I threw myself in it and Priya ruined everything. It all happened coz of her fiancé; I just wanted to throttle him with cotton balls for ruing my life/career indirectly.

“Adhaya! I have been waiting for you from last fifteen minutes. Have you died or what?” Natasha yelled from her cabin. Pushing back all the dreadful thoughts of Saturday, I jumped on my feet and marched up towards her cabin.
“Hey! Natasha. How are you?” I asked casually.

“Oh. I am amazing” she beamed one of that who-the-hell-you-think-you-are-to-ask-me-about-my-well-being smile. “I wonder what’s up with you?” she asked.
“I am good. Everything is great” I smiled.

“Really? Then why haven’t you updated me on your blog research?” she asked.

“Oh. I am working on it” I said gingerly.
“Really?” she raised her eyebrows as if she didn’t believe a single word I said. “So you are saying you have already found a man?”.

“Yes! In fact I had been on a date as well. Last Thursday.” I could feel confidence building up inside me.
“That’s……That’s news for me and I guess miracle for you.” She said haughtily. Was she even serious? Did she really think that I was horrible enough to found myself a man? Bitch!

“Whatever!” I muttered.
“Sorry did I hear something?” she drifted her eyes from her amazingly pure white Mac to me.

“No. Absolutely nothing.” I said.
“That’s where the problem is. I am hearing nothing from your side. No progress on this new project” she said with highly disappointing expression on her face.  “By Wednesday I want to see two blog entries from you about your dates. 500 words each. First thing in the morning.” she said with a stone face. Trust me I didn’t know how she could talk without moving her lips.

“But I had only one date till now!” I screeched.
“You can go now” she said without looking at me.


“Leave” she said in slightly high tone but was still tapping away on her Mac. I decided to made an exit before she could shout out loud “Get the hell out of here you moron”.

Signing off:
Girl in the big city!!

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