Sunday, 30 October 2011

I am beyond happy!

I was right! I was just so damn right. After that good night sleep, next day I woke up around seven-ish which meant that I had two solid hours to write my first write up before I could go through my regular rituals of getting ready for the office.
As soon as I sprang out of the bed, i brew myself a pot of coffee, walked back to the room, opened the only french window in the apartment and sat by it with my laptop on the floor.  I re-ran the entire date in my mind and wrote about it in as much fancy manner as I could, though I tempted to add few raunchy details-which-didn’t-happen but the first rule of being a good writer is never write what never happened unless you are writing a fiction but here I was writing about my life, my romantic life, so I couldn’t lie. It was against the rule.

After successfully writing good enough write-up I managed to reach office just in time and now I am pretending to do the research work for “How to know that your man is cheating on you?” article for the next month’s issue on my computer while actually trying to find directions to Hard Rock Café. Earlier Vikrant was supposed to pick me up from the office but this morning when I was standing in front of Natasha while she was reading my write-up my phone vibrated in my hand and I managed to peep in my inbox only to found that Vikrant couldn’t come to pick me up and i have to reach there on my own. It was bit too upsetting as I was in no mood to roam around the city in this awful rain but I didn’t have any other option. Did I? Observing my gaze on my blackberry Natasha cleared her throat to bring my wandered mind back to her office.
“This is good” she said in a voice which was completely against her opinion.

“Thanks. I am glad you liked it.” I was beyond happy because as far as I could remember this was the first time when she actually said something good about my work. Though I know how much troubled she must had felt while getting those words out.
“Nevertheless, where is another one?” she looked straight in to my eyes.

“You said you need them by Wednesday morning which is tomorrow. The second one will be on your table, first thing in the morning.” I beamed.
“Ok. Go back to work.” She said.

What? Is that it? Is she alright? I mean she didn’t bark or humiliated me which is the part of her usual day. Is she in some kind of trouble? Is she in pain? Did she break-up with her hot-shot PR boyfriend? Whatever, I am glad that she didn’t spoil my day or my mood. Now for the rest of the day I didn’t have to see her face and I am beyond happy about this as well. Now I can go through the rest of the day, relaxing, twitting, facebooking and er….yes doing that research work as well before going out on the date. This day is fab.

 Signing Off:
Girl at ease in the big city!!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

I need some good night sleep!

It’s 10 P.M and I am sitting on my bed in my old mauve raw-silk pajamas with my legs stretched out in front of me, laptop carefully placed over my knees, Domino’s take away on my side, Notting Hill playing on T.V and blank mind. It’s been three hours and I have tried every single thing to relax my mind and hammer out few thousand words for those two bloody blog entries but nothing is happening, nothing is coming to my mind. When I came home after office earlier this evening, I threw my stuff on the sofa and walked straight to the bathroom, kicked out my shoes and jumped for the hot-water bath, then I made myself some coffee, slumped back on the sofa, placed the laptop on the table in front of me, switched it on and before it could show sparkling gold Louboutins wallpaper on the screen, I slept.
It was five past nine when the shrill voice of my blackberry brought me back to the life. Without looking at the screen I flipped open the phone. It was Vikrant. VIKRANT!!

“Hey” I scrabbled in sitting position.
“Hi. I hope I am not disturbing you.” He said in his usual husky voice.

“No. No. Not at all. I was…just sleeping.” When the hell I slept?

“Sleeping? At 9 on the Monday night? Is everything fine?” He asked.

“Yeah! Everything is fab” shit! “I was just bit exhausted so thought of catching up on some sleep” I retort. No. Noooooooo. How could I sleep when I was supposed to work?
“Oh. I got it.” He chuckled.

“So. What this call is all about?” I asked gingerly trying very hard not to sound rude. I mean I was little pissed because of my sleep-at-the-very-wrong-hour-of-the-very-wrong-day thing or may be after last Sunday when Priya canceled my date without telling me, I wasn’t expecting him to call.
“umm…..i was wondering if we could meet up tomorrow and grab some coffee? Of course after your office!” He agog. “Actually, My shoot for tomorrow has cancelled and I have plenty of time so I thought if we could meet up!”

What? After that day I wasn’t even sure that he would ever call me but here he didn’t only call but was asking me out. Again.
“Yes! We can meet. Definitely we can.” I sang.

“Ok. I will pick you up at 7 p.m from your office.”
“Deal.” I hung up and immediately dialed Domino’s.

 Now I have a date which means I can use it very well for my second blog post but what about the first? I am so damn sure that on our first coffee date Vikrant did most of the talking and it was all about his work. There was nothing romantic or erotic we talked so what the hell am I suppose to write for my first blog post? I don’t think anyone on the earth would want to know that how fabulously painful it could be to fly from one country to another country on a very short notice. Well, you know I think that I am stressing too much about this blog thing, may be if I give myself a comfortable and relaxed night tonight then I reckon I could write anything tomorrow with fresh mind. May be tomorrow when I woke up after good night sleep, I could write oodles for this blog. Yes, this is it. I am not going to stress anymore and now I am gonna close my lappy and going to watch Notting Hill and will leaf through latest issue of Vogue before I lull myself into good night sleep.

Signing off:

Girl in old pjs in big city!!!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Why she hates me?

“In my cabin. NOW!” Natasha shrieked from the other side of the phone. I just didn’t understand why she had to be such a bitch all the time, especially on Monday mornings when it was already so tough to concentrate on work after forty-eight hours long weekends. I didn’t remember when was the last time when she asked me to come in her office nicely and discussed about my highly prestigious column over a cup of coffee. Ok. I might not write about political scandals or unravels some sensational support-person’s affairs but I did write about relationships, fashion and other lifestyle issues which were not an ounce less important for a common human being on this earth. Whatever! I was sure she must have had thought about some or the other thing to yell at me like maniac only to made my already miserable life, zillion times more miserable.
I mean look at last week, I had this fabulous date with Vikrant and amazing evening with Priya but then next day she came up with this Sod The Men thing and made me cancel my second date with Vikrant for which I was heart-stoppingly happy till Saturday morning and had secretly thought about all the possible reasons that I could have given Priya and sneak out in the evening without letting her know that I was going out with Vikrant. But everything crashed upside down when Vikrant called me in the evening and Priya picked up the phone when I was away in bathroom giving myself very relaxing manicure and  without even asking or telling me she told him that I was busy and couldn’t make it tonight and even hijacked my phone so I couldn’t call him back.

“Give me my phone Priya! Just let me call him once” I mustered my calmest tone but inside I was burning and wanted to scream at the top of my lungs WHAT THE HELL YOU THINK YOU HAVE DONE.
“HA! Forget it kiddo” she said and stomped to the kitchen to made us Maggie, leaving me standing in the hallway like five year old kid who had been just told that you can’t get an ice-cream because you haven’t done your homework properly.  Urghhhhh…. I wanted to kill me. It was the first time when I was asked out on second date, not that I threw myself in it and Priya ruined everything. It all happened coz of her fiancé; I just wanted to throttle him with cotton balls for ruing my life/career indirectly.

“Adhaya! I have been waiting for you from last fifteen minutes. Have you died or what?” Natasha yelled from her cabin. Pushing back all the dreadful thoughts of Saturday, I jumped on my feet and marched up towards her cabin.
“Hey! Natasha. How are you?” I asked casually.

“Oh. I am amazing” she beamed one of that who-the-hell-you-think-you-are-to-ask-me-about-my-well-being smile. “I wonder what’s up with you?” she asked.
“I am good. Everything is great” I smiled.

“Really? Then why haven’t you updated me on your blog research?” she asked.

“Oh. I am working on it” I said gingerly.
“Really?” she raised her eyebrows as if she didn’t believe a single word I said. “So you are saying you have already found a man?”.

“Yes! In fact I had been on a date as well. Last Thursday.” I could feel confidence building up inside me.
“That’s……That’s news for me and I guess miracle for you.” She said haughtily. Was she even serious? Did she really think that I was horrible enough to found myself a man? Bitch!

“Whatever!” I muttered.
“Sorry did I hear something?” she drifted her eyes from her amazingly pure white Mac to me.

“No. Absolutely nothing.” I said.
“That’s where the problem is. I am hearing nothing from your side. No progress on this new project” she said with highly disappointing expression on her face.  “By Wednesday I want to see two blog entries from you about your dates. 500 words each. First thing in the morning.” she said with a stone face. Trust me I didn’t know how she could talk without moving her lips.

“But I had only one date till now!” I screeched.
“You can go now” she said without looking at me.


“Leave” she said in slightly high tone but was still tapping away on her Mac. I decided to made an exit before she could shout out loud “Get the hell out of here you moron”.

Signing off:
Girl in the big city!!

Friday, 7 October 2011


               The Versatile Blogger Award

It’s a huge surprise that my blog has won “The Versatile Blogger” award. Massive thanks goes to 'F' at as she has been amazingly kind for considering me good enough for this award.

 The rules of this award are; Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award, Share seven things about yourself. Send it to fifteen other bloggers you appreciate and let them know you have awarded it to them.

Seven things you should know about me: ·

  • I am management graduate and have left the job in one of leading newspaper in the country just a day before my joining.·
  • I drink unhealthy amount of coffee ·
  • I love winters·
  • I am obsessive about chick-lit novels and Hollywood chick flicks!·
  • I have written a chick-lit novel and so far have received one rejection letter. ·
  • I don’t remember when I last saw a film and didn’t cry ·
  • I love my two little angels: Viksha & Mayra- my nieces.

The "Versatile Bloggers" whom i would like to pass on the award are:

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hangover Morning!

“Arggghhhh……..this pain is killing me!” Priya shirked though her clenched teethes. Since we woke up after the tremendous amount of Budweiser last night Priya had already threw up twice in my bathroom basin and once nearly on the kitchen floor when she was trying to put the kettle on for coffee.
“Priya don’t…” as I saw from the corner of my eyes, I screamed from the sofa and rushed towards the kitchen top before she threw up on the floor and hurriedly ushered her towards the sink. While she threw and cursed her fiancé, I held her hair back from her face.  

"He is the bloody soon of bitch!” she snapped before I could calm her down “you know I fucking had to squeeze all my shoes and clothes in one cupboard so that he could have the entire cupboard for his ties and shoes and see what he has done to me”.
“Babes I am sure he would have some good explanation of his sudden business-trip announcement” I tried to muster a smile but her crimson red face made me think better off.  “I mean his irresponsible behavior, he would have some explanation” I said in a small voice.

“If he still wants to marry me he bloody should have the fucking explanation!” she yanked my hands down and stomped back to the kitchen counter and poured two cups of strong black coffee. To be honest I hate coffee without milk rather sometimes I wonder that how could someone drink it and keep the face straight, at the same time. It’s just the disgusting and the ugliest drink on the earth but for hangover it’s the most effective medicine in the universe.
“Ok.  See it’s Saturday and I have a perfect plan for us. We could go out for brunch in Mocha and then could go to Planet M and get the DVD of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and can do manicure, pedicure, scrubbing and polishing while watching all the beautiful Tiffany jewelry in the movie and could go out to beach in evening and could have great time” I beamed, silently wishing to cheer her up. “You know it’s being so long since we spend our day together and share every bit of gossip that we have been keeping buried in our hearts from so many days” I said wistfully. Ok. I have to admit it, I don’t like her fiancé a lot rather at all and there are 3 reasons for this:

First; he always keeps Priya so occupied that she hardly gets time to even meet me for a quick coffee after office.

Second; I suspect that he hates me, I don’t know why but I reckon he just does.

Third; he has the dirtiest and ugliest hands I have ever seen attached to any man.
“Hmmm…..I guess you are right. We should have some fun and do our girly stuff. Sod the men!” she said in a pitch higher than usual.

“That’s the spirit girl” I clinked my half empty coffee mug with her mug. Sod the men? Really? I mean I have just met Vikrant and I guess I like him. I mean not like like but like.
After doing bit of cleaning of my highly destroyed living area, we ran shower one by one and I changed into my more-than-dozens-weeks-before-washed denim, plain black t-shirt and slipped my feet in the bright pink flip-flops and pulled my hair back in the messy bun whereas Priya wore her lovely turquoise blue Mango flowery dress, nude-colored Aldo wedges and left her hair loose allowing her perfectly natural soft curls swishing on her shoulders as she moves.

With our huge glasses on our hangover faces we left my apartment and walked straight out of the building like two girls on some secret mission.

Signing off:

Girl on the mission in the big city!!!