Friday, 7 October 2011


               The Versatile Blogger Award

It’s a huge surprise that my blog has won “The Versatile Blogger” award. Massive thanks goes to 'F' at as she has been amazingly kind for considering me good enough for this award.

 The rules of this award are; Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award, Share seven things about yourself. Send it to fifteen other bloggers you appreciate and let them know you have awarded it to them.

Seven things you should know about me: ·

  • I am management graduate and have left the job in one of leading newspaper in the country just a day before my joining.·
  • I drink unhealthy amount of coffee ·
  • I love winters·
  • I am obsessive about chick-lit novels and Hollywood chick flicks!·
  • I have written a chick-lit novel and so far have received one rejection letter. ·
  • I don’t remember when I last saw a film and didn’t cry ·
  • I love my two little angels: Viksha & Mayra- my nieces.

The "Versatile Bloggers" whom i would like to pass on the award are:

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