Sunday, 25 December 2011

Why it happened?

When Priya told me that she couldn’t have dinner with me because she was going out with Him for a cocktail party, I won’t lie but I didn’t feel good…Nah it’s not about her but about me. I loved Priya like a sister, a soul mate since the day I met her and I was beyond happy when she got engaged with Him but between all the time I spent with her in talking, eating, drinking, bitching and shopping, I knew that the day she will be married I would be alone once again and now that time was approaching near at the supersonic speed. But never in my dream I wished or thought that something this awful could happen to her at this moment.
Next day I woke up and decided to pamper myself rather than sitting in my apartment feeling miserable and making unsuccessful plans. Hence I quickly ran the hot bath and headed for Juice and felt immediately better after getting chopped and then couldn’t help but stopped by every mirror I passed and admire my new layered look for the entire day. I was actually feeling much better and after so many days have managed to look quite decent.

It was comparatively a pleasant day and bit windy as well so I decided to go for a walk after take away dinner. After walking few blocks I stopped at Marine Drive and sat on the side wall of the Indian Ocean. It was looking heart stopping in the night with all the lights of the city reflecting in the ocean. Water was stretched over the thousands of kilometers in front of me and it was surprisingly very quite. It was site to behold. If you stay in this city and don’t remember sitting by the Ocean in the night, than you haven’t lived a life in the pure Mumbai way. I was here for good few hours so I bought a cup of coffee from a nearby street vendor and as I was about to take a sip of the aromatic coffee, my blackberry buzzed in my pocket.
It was Priya. I didn’t hear from her the entire day.

“Hey” she said in a low voice and in that moment I knew something was wrong.
“Hey what’s wrong sweetheart?”

“Everything is over” she managed to say before bursting into most painful sobs I have ever heard and before I could say another word, I realized that my phone had gone dead. Panicked I called her zillion times but she didn’t pick up. Throwing the coffee cup away, I rose on my feet, rushed towards the main road and dashed in a first cab which pulled by my side.
Fifteen minutes drive to her and Him’s flat seemed like hours. Finally when cab pulled by her building, I thrust money in cab driver’s hand (I didn’t know how much it was) and ran towards her flat. After ringing her door bell several times, door finally clicked open and I saw Priya looking sick standing in front of me. From her swollen eyes I could tell that she didn’t sleep from quite a good measure of time and was crying more than couple of dozen hours.

“What…” Priya flung her arms around me, dragged me inside and then buried her flustered face in my neck and sobbed uncontrollably. I was numb, didn’t know what happen and why. I came back into my senses only when I heard myself sobbing.
“What happen?” I asked in a trembling low voice and Priya told me everything about Him’s girlfriend who met her last night in a cocktail party and how much time Him and that bitch was spending together whenever he is off the work which he practically is never as told to Priya. All of his business trips were not more than fucking lusty trips with that bitch girlfriend of him. Priya and Him had a particularly nasty row last night and he wasn’t a bit sorry about his act of shame rather was trying to defend himself.  

I packed all her stuff and dragged her out of the flat. We waited few minutes outside her building in a total silence and then hailed a cab to my flat.
It’s been a week since then and we stayed in my flat for the entire time. We cried, ate, drink and watched endless movies. Every day Priya ate more than 4000 calories which are allowed as per the post break up rule and I pour as much Vodka as available in my stock for us. In the last week I tried never to bring my own no-job-issue between us rather heard everything she had to say.

Today it’s Christmas and I and Priya are in full mood to let the misery go out of our life and celebrate this gorgeous day. We have made cookies, decorated tree yesterday and today we are going to make mince pie and cake, I mean of course Priya is going to bake but heyyy I will decorate.

P.S: our issues are still unsolved but they can wait. Let the holy spirit of Christmas take toll on us and let the Santa take all the troubles away.  
Merry Christmas! xxx

Signing off:

Two girls with each other in the big city!!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bullocks schedule !!!

Holy Crap! Bullocks schedule! Zillion Whammy(s)!
Nothing went as per the schedule and if it’s not enough than I would love to tell you that I am almost physically challenged now. For starter, I woke up terribly later i.e 10 A.M and then I had to kick, push and literally dragged myself towards the washroom. Having spent good half n hour in changing into my gym gear: royal purple t-shirt, black track pants and incredibly beautiful pink trainers, I finally made my way towards the Gym. I walked seven blocks under the scorching sun (Bullocks!) and then I have done the blunder of the century by getting down to the hard core cardio without stretching (and gap of solid two months) which left me nearly physically challenged, now I couldn’t walk, stand and lie down without saying f**k off, hence I had to grab the cab, threw myself on the back seat and then was helped by my building’s watchman rather a very kind man who helped me to get down from the cab and walked me to my flat. As I let myself inside the apartment I flopped down on the sofa and had to push the thought of actually cooking any breakfast for myself.  

It was just past 2 P.M when some peculiar sound knocked me out of the sleep. Lying there I concentrated on the voice and it didn’t take me long to realize that my stomach was rumbling. I mustered all my strength and scrabbled in the sitting position, grabbing menu from the coffee table, I haul my blackberry out of my track’s pocket and ordered daal-naan and then slowly and steadily made my way to the bathroom and ran the boiling bath which seemed to subside my pain up to a very small yet acknowledgeable extant.
In evening I dragged the spare fake lather chair by the French and only window of my apartment and settled there with a pot of coffee and laptop to start my novel. After spending fairly forty minutes I managed to write only two lines (which I myself not liking much) and then lost concentration as it was just too noisy outside the window, Horns were honking, children were playing and birds must had decided to irritate me with their shrilling and peculiar voices. By the time I thought about shifting me and my laptop to the bed I realized that it was already 7:15 P.M i.e time to call Priya.  

“I would love to but I am sorry I can’t” Priya said when I called her to make dinner plan for the day.
“But why can’t you come?” I asked.

“I and him are going out for a cocktail party of his most prestigious client so far. I am sorry” Him is an investor banker, utterly boring, over educated, extra smart and way too irritating and now friend snatcher as well.
“Ok. Enjoy” I said disheartened. After the horrendous day I wasn’t expecting this. Not the least.

“I am really sorry” Priya said in a small voice.
“It’s fine. I will manage. You go and have fun.” I hung the phone and suddenly feeling of loneliness and sadness engulfed me.

I have no job, I can’t go back to my parents because if I would tell them that I lied to them and was working for a fashion magazine not for some bank, they will kill me. I have only one friend in this city and she too is busy with her fiancĂ© and soon would disappear from the radar as soon as she will get married. I am happy for her but feel sorry for myself. Wiping tears, I rose and walked to the kitchen, made nutella sandwich(s) and once again flopped on the sofa and watched re-run of SATC and don’t exactly remember when I fell asleep.

Signing Off :
Lonely girl in the big city!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Getting Control!

I can’t believe that it’s been a week since I am out of job. In last seven days I haven’t done a single thing, my apartment is a sigh and I look like some lonely, jilted Bridget Jones moaning over my unemployment if not over a bottle of wine but surely over the huge quantity of bread, eggs, nutella, coffee and Reese’s butter cupcakes.  Having said that I think I am not all that lonely as Priya makes a point to visit my flat every single day to check upon me aka to see if I have shoved a fist full of Vicoden in my gob or simply beat myself up if not to death then at least in coma. Typical of her.  
This morning when I woke up with a usual headache, I decided to pull myself together and out of this misery and take my shattered, wandered and nearly spoiled life in my hands, once again. I fished for writing pad and pen in my night stand drawer which I usually use to make weekly list of groceries and necessities and pined it on my refrigerator door but never get around looking at it even until after two weeks let alone going out to shop for them.

As I flapped open the hard bound cover of the pad, I quickly leaf through the already doodled pages and searched for the fresh page to pen down my yesterday’s schedule on one page and my today’s schedule on next page.
My yesterday’s schedule (which was same for any other day in the past week):

9 A.M: Get up and brush my teethes
9:15 A.M: Make myself some a pot of coffee
9:30 A.M: Drink that coffee for another half-hour back to back
10 A.M: Make myself some breakfast aka Bread-egg
10:15A.M: flopped down on the sofa with my breakfast plate and tuned into old episodes of Friends back to back
2P.M: Order Chinese from a local restaurant just down the block
2:30 P.M: Eat the lunch and put on the first season’s episode CD of SATC and watch episodes’ back to back
8 P.M: Order Chinese from the local restaurant just down the block
8:10 P.M: Have hot shower
8:30 P.M: Eat dinner
8:40 P.M: Watch the recorded episodes of ‘The real housewives of New Jersey’ and polish couple of butter cupcakes
12A.M: Cry myself to sleep- I have no job, what will I do tomorrow?

 My new Schedule for tomorrow (and hopefully for upcoming days as well)
8A.M: Wake up, brush my teethes and change into gym gears
8:10 A.M: Go to gym
9:30 A.M: Come from gym and eat breakfast
10A.M: Get shower and get dressed in clean PJs and comfy T-shirt
10:30 A.M: Sort out my hair
11 A.M: Brows web and go through newspaper and look for the new job
1P.M: Update FB, Twitter- remain socially active
2P.M: Order Chinese from the local restaurant just down the block
2:30 P.M: Eat lunch
2:45 P.M: Watch recorded episodes of Fabulous Cakes
4:00 P.M: Have a power nap at least for an hour
5:00 P.M: Make myself some tea and set up with my laptop by the French and only window of my apartment and start working on a novel I wanted to write only god knows since when.
7:30 P.M: Call Priya and arrange to meet her for dinner
7:35 P.M: Get dressed
10:00 P.M: come back home, change and watch some good rom-com movie preferable Breakfast at Tiffany’s while munching fistful of stuffed Olives
12:00 A.M: Doze Off!


 Signing off:
Girl in control in the big city!!!