Sunday, 4 September 2011

At my flat!!!

After that wonderful date in Café Basilico, I went home and speed dialed Priya but before I could open my mouth and tell her how amazing everything went and how breath-taking he was looking she cut me off and said “I am coming over your place for weekend because he has gone to Malaysia this evening for business trip and didn’t even bother to come home to collect his stuff as he was running out of the time” she tutted.
“Ok” I said gingerly. Sensing her level of anger I made a self note to not to say any word more than required.

“No, it’s not ok. I am his fucking fiancée and he didn’t have decency to tell me at least a day earlier that he is abandoning me just a day before our second anniversary just because his bloody company wants him to attend some shity business conference in Malaysia. Are you getting me? It’s Malaysia not Malad!” she snapped.

“OK. Should I come over to pick you up?” I offered.
“No. I know my way to your home and am bringing Budweiser and taking you down with me!” she hissed.

“Well. I am already thirsty” I smiled but actually I was not at all sure how I was gonna tolerate so much of alcohol. I remembered sharing three Jack Daniels with Priya on my first birthday in Mumbai and literally throwing up in my make up kit next morning when I was trying to apply as much concealer as possible to hide my-head-is-bursting face.

“I will be there before you know” she hung up.

Before she showed up at my flat with her cool blue UCB travel bag in one hand and whole carat of Budweiser in another hand clutching to her chest, I ordered Macdonald’s king size veg burgers, went down to the grocery store and came back with Pepsi bottles and stocked them in freezer, fished out the latest issues of Harper Bazaar, Vogue and Elle under the bed and arranged on the coffee table in the living room, put on the Bridget Jones Diary in the player, turned on the A.C, made the giant tub of popcorns, had a quick shower and changed into my cotton Pyjamas and old Mickey mouse T-shirt.

“I can’t believe he did that!” as she walked in the flat, she threw her bag on the floor, stomped towards the Sofa and put the carat on the table before throwing herself on it. Grabbing handful of popcorns from the tub and dropping few on the floor, she asked me to bring bottle opener.
“He had just gone out on a business trip, didn’t dump you for Christ sake!” I yelled in my way back from the kitchen into the living room.”Don’t over react!” I placed the weapon on the table beside the carat of Budweiser.

“Whatever!” she said nonchalantly and laid her hands on Elle and start leafing through the pages.
Four Budweiser, all the snacks, Bridget Jones Diary, 27 Dresses, Sweet November, Harper Bazaar, and going-through-every-detail-about-my-date later Priya passed on the sofa but I was awake. Even after so much of alcohol and dizzy head I was still not sleepy, so I decided to watch If only and after crying my eyes out and sobbing like a street puppy in cruel cold night throughout the movie I dozed off on the floor around fifteen passed two  A.M.

Signing off:
Sleeping girl in the big city!!!