Saturday, 2 July 2011

She is getting on my nerves!

Wow!!! Ok let me tell you this. We reached Goa around 8 in the morning and hailed the cab to Casablanca beach resort as soon as I touched the Goan land.
“It’s amazing!” Priya exclaimed as we entered in the white Spanish style resort with a hug swimming pool right in the centre of the resort. To be honest, it was really amazing and looking posh. Since it’s not a tourist season we got a room at half of the price but little did we know we got a room with a balcony overlooking swimming pool and Arabian Sea! (in just half of the price) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy….!!!

Well as we stepped on the wooden floor of massive room with bright yellow wall with cream stars behind the bed-head against the three lavish cream walls, I walked to the bed without wasting a single moment and crashed on it. It’s soft and so damn comforting. I was determined to spend next couple of hours in it just before Priya dragged me out of the bed holding my left foot.

She is such a monster. She threatened me to accompany her to the beach for the breakfast right away or she would threw away my only and only and only and only Jimmy Choo in the pool (did I tell u I hate her?).

She insisted to go for a swimming rather than the quick shower and it was my turn to threaten “you mention swimming one more time and I am gonna flop down on the bed with my Jimmy Choo under my pillow and snuggle for the rest of the day” I warned with eyes much wider even to my own surprise.

“Ok. Fine. Don’t come if you don’t want” she said gingerly before slipping into her tiny costume right in front of me.

So we settled on the deal that she will go for a quick swimming and I will go for a quick shower. But much to my dismay, I bloody slept in bath tub (it’s not my fault. It’s so warm and comforting that it strokes me to sleep. Am I guilty?) and for the crime of stretching the bath from 10 minutes to 35 minutes Priya punished me not only with the breakfast on the beach but also the water sports under the grilling sun. I will never forgive her for ruining my much-needed-sleep. Bitch!

Keeping everything aside let me tell you I am on the Candolim beach at this moment (wearing light blue kaftan) and sipping chilled Mojito while writing this blog and Priya is playing in the surf (in her just-equally-to-not-existing denim hot pants and see through oxford shirt) with a bunch of half naked men (Did I tell you they are looking sizzling? NOT Priya of course.huh!) by the edge of the sea. She is a bitch!

 Signing off
Sleep-deprive girl in the city of surf!!

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