Saturday, 16 July 2011

It's time for real work!

It’s 9 A.M and I am sitting on lounge chair with my laptop lying on glass chrome table just next to me in the balcony and instead of writing my article about Goa, I am letting the sun bleaching my skin. Sun at this hour is soft not boiling like yesterday afternoon which actually peeled off my skin. Every time I lean on the table to write in word I didn’t see anything coming to my mind and may be this is because since I landed up here, in Goa, I haven’t been to anywhere worth writing other than deserted beach which was just fifty yards from our resort and to Paradiso where I blurted out my painful story of “I am getting so bored” in front of irritatingly cute stranger.  I need to go out and see the actual Goa like local markets, spas, churches, more happening restaurants and need to try out all the water sports at least once.
Wait. I guess Priya is awake back in the room. I need to go and tell her that I can’t waste my time in doing all the stupid things and I really need to get down to work. I have only two days to write this bloody travel article. Arrgggggghhhhhh!

“Priya. Look, today I am going out to visit local markets and some other places and you go and hunt for the suitable wedding venue. We are here for work. Remember?” I tut while looking at Priya, who is still sitting in bed wrapped in duvet as if it’s snowing outside and is looking at me with half open eyes as if I have all of a sudden started talking in Spanish.

“Are you all right?” she asks.
“Yeah?” I can’t believe that she is not taking me seriously.

“We have two days. I am sure it’s ample time for me to hunt down the venue and for you to write the article and for us to do little more fun” she says nonchalantly.
“Priya. I have a lot to do and I am leaving in fifteen minutes” I inform and turned on my heels to head towards the bathroom before she can argue further.

“Adhaya. You are over reacting darling. We can handle all the things you know!” she screeches from the bed.
“Ok. So I am leaving” I announce while getting out from the bathroom wearing my old torn-look denim and plain cream T-shirt.  Getting hold of my envelope style purse which I bought from Fashion Street in Mumbai in just 250 INR  after half hour long bargaining and putting on my two and half inches practical black heels, I air kiss in her direction “Will see you in evening”.

“You are bitch” she hisses under her breath.
“I heard that” I say over my shoulder and open the door.

“I meant to” she shriek.

“Whatever” I slam the door shut behind me.

Signing off:
Girl at work in the city of surf!!

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