Saturday, 9 July 2011

I met him..!!!

What a night that was? After spending our afternoon under the grilling sun on the almost deserted Candolim beach, we went back to our resort with tanning (actually Priya was tanned and I was sun burned). I had spent rest of the evening in rubbing ice cubes all over my face, arms and legs and Priya catch up on sound sleep.

It was past 11p.m when after mammoth meal and two bottles of Pinot Grigio we rose on our foot to walk back to our room and finally doze off.

“Let’s change” Priya said as I put keys in the lock of our room.

“I am just too exhausted to change. Guess will sleep in these cloths only” I said looking at my pink flowery dress.

“I am saying change for the party” Priya said over her shoulder while walking towards the closet.

“Party?” I croak.

“See we are in Goa and we just can’t get in bed at 11. Darling we are here for fun, to party” she said standing in front of huge mirror examining her new five-inches way to high black satin pumps.

“Listen to me you bitch. I am not going anywhere. And let me remind you I am here to work and you to choose your wedding venue” I yelled. I mean was she serious? How she couldn’t notice my alarming lack-of-sleep and exhausted state.

“Listen you haven’t done any work till now and we both know how much you love your job” Priya rattled out from her pumps and folded her hand across her chest accusingly.

"Ok. I may not love my job but I love my income” I said defiantly.

“Whatever. Just put on some decent cloths, we are going for party” she said and I knew no matter how much I argue over ‘I don’t wanna go’ she was not going to give up.“You are so bad” I tutted.

“I know. But you are so good” she came to me and flung her arms around my shoulders and gave me a tight hug. It was just so tight that I actually missed few breaths. Was she trying to kill me? Why? Wearing flowery dresses are not all that bad. Are they?

At mid-night we hailed the cab to the Anjuna beach. I in my brown sequined (decent) hot pants, white top and copper sequined ballerinas and Priya in her little black one shoulder dress (rather too little) and black satin pumps walked in the Paradiso. It was the most happening club of Goa (I once read in traveler) with four levels and all facing towards the sea. It was breath taking view from the terrace. Though sea was lost in the dark but crashing sound of waves could be clearly heard.

Priya was dancing with a group of five boys and one girl. Great. I was standing by terrace grill all alone and was looking out at nothing. Damn.

"Not enjoying the party?” posh voice from the back asked me. I turned around and was stunned to see the same guy from the bus who swapped the seats with Priya standing in front of me in white linen shirt which was amazingly clinging to his well worked out body and dark blue denim. He was looking gorgeous.

We housed on the huge cream sofa in the corner, away from the dance floor. I told him how Priya ruled and ruined my entire day and he listened patiently with faint smile here and there. “Why am I telling him all this?” this question kept on buzzing at back of my mind but I chose to ignore and pour my pain out. After three mojitos, two hours of talking (what did we actually talked about?) and exchanging information about our professions I stood up to leave.

"Shall we go?” Priya asked while walking in our direction with a mysterious smile. I know I know she was dying to know what we talked in last couple of hours. “Hey Vikrant. How are you?” she asked and leaned to gave him a quick hug and peck on his cheek. Bitch!

“I am good” he said. “Your friend was getting bored, so I was just giving her the company” he said looking at me.

“Yeah. I have been noticing that” she said looking at me and my cheeks turned into strange shade of red. I didn’t know weather his eyes on me made me blushed or Priya’s eyes on me made me embarrassed but one thing was certain ‘I was not comfortable’.

“Let’s go. I am tired.” I grabbed her by the elbow and used all my strength to drag her out from the club without even looking at him.

After changing in my pyjamas when I finally threw myself on the bed I realized I was not sleepy. Not at all. His face, his smile kept floating in my mind.

Signing off:

Not asleep girl in the city of surf!!

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