Saturday, 25 June 2011

So bad So far..!!

Oh gosh! I have just dropped my gorgeous shocking pink nail paint on the bus floor… Shit! Shit! Shit! Actually it’s not me who dropped it, it’s the nasty fat man on the seat next to me who full forcedly nudging in my ribs since I climbed on the bus and causing all the havoc about putting on Kohl, mascara, compact and now painting my toe nails. I told him several times about my sad story of not-having-time-to-put-on-any-makeup-earlier but he doesn’t seem to understand a word. Moron!
Well let me tell you its 5 a.m now and I am on my way to Goa with Priya and thanks to her superb (last minute and I really mean just 10minutes before the scheduled bus time) tickets arrangement we got two different seats. I am stuck with this old man and she is thanking her stars as she has directly landed next to the model-type (delicious) hunk who happily let her swap her seat for the window seat with him. Arrrrgggggggggggg……I hate her, I mean she is getting married in couple of months with probably one of the cutest guy in the city and still god has to shower her with all the attention from the mirror cracking guys and me, look at me, I am bloody single, living in the big city, work in fashion magazine, in my way to the exotic city of beaches and god has cursed me with the obscene language in the mumbling form from the fugly old chap.

OMG. It’s so damn amazing out there. Since I have landed in Mumbai I have forgotten how sky looks at this hour as it’s impossible to move my limbs before 8 O’clock in here but in Shimla my dad used to thump on my door on 4:30 a.m sharp as if he was checking that I was their behind the closed doors or ran away from the balcony over the night. Right at this moment, I am practically hanging out from the window to feel the cool breeze on my face like a Labrador (except my tongue is perfectly on the place) and fuck he nudged me again. What is his problem? Is it my mistake that he is housed on the window seat? Rather he should say sorry for not letting me put my arms on his shoulder for the support and pop my head out to take a good view and compensate by swapping the seats politely.

Ummm……. I am feeling hungry. In all the excitement of going to Goa and spending 3 whole fun days with Priya and all the time I had to spend in exfoliating and moisturizing my skin I forgot to feed myself some decent bowl of cereals or may be Maggie!

Signing off:
Stumped girl in the bus!

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