Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hey! Sunday guys! This has been my best Sunday since I set foot in Mumbai because a.) My boss is on leave for next 3 days and b.) Somehow I managed to drive her crazy and she eventually had to agree to send me to Goa (for 3 whole fucking days) for next travel article. Sounds too good to be true??  Fine. How you guys always get to know that I am twisting the tale? Anyways, here is the whole (true!) story: see it’s absolutely true that she is on leave for next 3days as she is going to Singapore for the baby shower of her some long-distance-but-super-rich cousin’s daughter and it’s also true that I am going to Goa. But, I had to literally beg her to let me go to the real places for the sake of good quality of column and she bluntly said NO for some zillion times before agreeing on the condition that I will bear half of my expenses. I tell you, they are such a beggars that sometimes I even wonder how they managed to give us salaries (and trust me it’s too less to even talk about).

 I woke up this morning with a triumphant smile and speed dialed Priya’s number, still juggling to open my eyes.

“Everything ok?” Priya mumbled in the phone and I could almost hear her yawning.

“ummmm….Yes?”  I was pretty awake by now.

“So why the hell are you calling at this insane hour?” she shrieked.

“Insane hour? It’s 8 A.M!”  Can’t I wake up early on Sunday?? Is it that bad?

“Whatever. What you want?” she snapped.

“Guess what? Actually no, let me break the news myself…I am off to Goa!” I announced victoriously. It’s actually a victory. I am probably the first employee of the Glitz who is going on the actual business trip (don’t you dare to forget about that shared expenses condition).

“Get out!” she exclaimed now fully awake “you know I was about to call you today and ask you to take off from your bitch for couple of days and accompany me to Goa to choose my wedding venue” her scream was perfectly capable of making me deaf. Deaf girl in Goa?

“wooooooooooooooooooooooooo” I was going up down, down up, left right, right left, corner centre, centre corner on my bed before finally flopping down on the floor on my old but still gorgeous ivory rug.

“I can’t believe we are going to spend 3 damn days together that to in Goa! On the beaches! In the water! Clad in hot pants! In total insanity!” Priya chirped. I could clearly imagine her nodding her head back and forth like a lunatic.

It’s already 10 p.m and we have our bus at 4 a.m and I haven’t even started packing my coolest hot stuff and I still have to take a bubble bath, scrub and exfoliate myself before landing in the city of surf!  So that’s it for now. Will catch you later! For one last time…..I am going to Goa….yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!

Signing off:

Intoxicated girl in the city!

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