Friday, 3 June 2011


Yuck! How could someone eat cereals and cold milk for the breakfast?  You remember I told you last time that I was going to get myself enrolled in some gym? So the very next day I woke up an hour early, dressed into caftan (to hide my possibly visible flab!) and strode out on the pavement to look up at the sign boards on the buildings and there just 3 blocks away I found my only and only savior “Gold Gym”. I went in and after 5 minutes I was a bloody gym member. Phew! Now who would stop me from mass killing?
OMG! I am physically challenged now. After three days of supposed exercise (someone should rename this term as Torture), I couldn’t move. I couldn’t walk from one corner to the other corner of my (tiny) apartment without holding and clutching furniture pieces in my way. I had to ask for sick leave from my office and my boss (that bitch!) didn’t even show little concern and asked to write from home or she would shift my cubicle next to that stinking toilet. Oh God please take her with you, save me from being a frustrated (physically challenged) murderer. 
Now after one week. I still can’t walk straight. My muscles are cramped, my body is aching badly and my legs are wobbling (trust me I am not affected by Parkinson).  On the top of it there is nothing to console myself. I always always used to indulge myself in Nutella and yogurt bars for my comfort eating until this unfortunate week, now those gym guys also seems to hate me. They gave me this deadly diet chart which guaranty to lose 2 pounds in a week or maybe lose my life over the nasty meal? Every day I have to thrust these bloody cereals in my mouth and don’t ask about milk. I never had milk in the pure form in my entire life. I am coffee kinda girl dude!
I could have just go out for a simple walk in the park but  god knows what went into me and I walked into the gym paid them grand amount (3000 INR) for a month and literally asked them ‘Hey would u like to make my life a complete hell?’ Damn! I can’t even leave now. 
I am so scared to go to office now. I have a meeting with Natasha and I am sure she is gonna have a good laugh on me. Last time when I crossed her, day before yesterday, she laughed out loud on me. Ok. So what if I was walking with the borrowed stick from the office watchmen? I hate that nasty bitch!

Signing off:
Handicapped girl in the city.

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