Friday, 27 May 2011

I didn't realize until now!

It was the very very very bad day in my history. The first thing Priya told me in the morning was about her wedding. Wedding?  Yes her BF proposed her the night she went to stay over his place and on the very next day they saved the date. It’s on 22 June in Goa. Yeah! That’s right it’s less than a month when I am going to be the official loner in the city.  
After office she literally kicked and dragged me to the high street to buy extremely hot shorts for her bachelorette party.  We went to Paladium (one of the swankiest mall on High Street) and straight up to Guess. After checking out every single shelf I finally laid my hands on aqua green satin shorts, it was lighter then the feather and even Priya liked it and insisted me to try it on and then what happened was the big black stain on my existence.  First it was expensive then my entire months take away food and second it didn’t fit me!
“Oh Gosh! I am not getting in it!” I screamed from the changing room. I was struck half way through the shorts and wriggling to pull it up but it was not moving.
“Don’t worry. I will get you the bigger size” Priya didn’t understand the enormity of the situation. I came out buttoning up my old Levi’s jeans “Let’s go”. I stepped out of the store before Priya could open her mouth to say anything. She followed me down the elevator and then out on the pavement before running in front of me to block my way.
“You crazy or what?” she demanded in a voice which was too high to use in public place.
“Let’s go to Barista I will explain everything” somehow I got hold of her hand and lead her to Barista, walking as fast as possible.
“Now tell me” she asked as we entered the café. I browsed the café only to found table for two by the large window and I ushered her to the seat.
“I was not fitting in that. Do you know what it means? I have gained weight for Christ sake!” I pushed aside the urge to go home and threw myself on the bed and cry myself to sleep.  
“Where? I can’t see any flashes bulging out” she x-rayed me. “I know even I didn’t realize until now but it has happened” I could felt sudden tears pricking in my eyes.
“We could get you bigger size. You know it was so pretty” she said wistfully. “No I won’t wear another size. I always wear 28 and wearing 30 would be very devastating and won’t be less then emotional trauma for me” A big fat tear rolled down my left cheek.  “Now what?” finally Priya was sounding concerned.  “It’s all because of this whole take away food system. I swear I will die of hunger rather than ordering take away” I meant that.
“I am going to find some decent gym and going to beat myself to be anorexic..errr….not exactly anorexic  but definitely size 28” I wiped out my tear, stood up from the chair and walked home. As I twisted the key in the lock I flung the door open and threw my purse on the floor before rushing to the bedroom and climbed on the weight machine. I have gained 5 bloody pounds.
I can’t let my immigrated-single-girl-working-in-some-fashion-magazine status morph into immigrated-single-bigger, fat-girl-working-in-some-fashion-magazine.  Tomorrow morning I am seriously going to get myself the membership of some decent gym.
Signing off
Maybe bigger girl in the city

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