Saturday, 11 June 2011

Met a Stranger with a bang!

It’s been 2 weeks and I have already lost 1 pound! It’s amazing! I am already feeling so glam and so fab. Today morning I walked into the gym almost sleepy as I had to write two damn articles for two damn columns last night. I shouldn’t have accepted to write for travel column. Damn!
I had been writing till 5 A.M about “5 signs will tell You, HE IS A CHEATER” and “Nearest getaways from Delhi”. I always have to watch couple of movies at unearthly hours before writing anything about HE all thanks to no HE in my life. Here I want to admit one thing and that is it’s easy to write about the places you never visited rather than writing about men you never met. Well I walked straight to what seems like treadmill and started walking fuck knows at what speed. After good 10 minutes when I tilted my head slightly to the left to take a good view of purple shadows under my eyes. My sleep was gone, not at the sight of less-purple-more-brownish spots under my eyes but by the sight of him.
He is so cute, no he is so charming…err….it would be best to say he is devastatingly good looking. As I noticed him noticing me first I thought he was just looking at the sleepy, blotchy girl but then I realized he was looking at me. Suddenly my legs went wobbly and I grab the handle and somehow saved myself from embarrassment.  Now I was supper awake and over alert. I started walking in slightly what you call….ummm….yes catwalk style. I could feel my heart jumping and dancing. It’s the first time in my life when someone had noticed my like that rather than vice-versa.
Very graciously I moved from one cardio to the other before ending up standing in the comparatively empty corner of the gym with dumbbells in my arms in front of massive mirror, just next to him. Laalala huaaaa llalallalal daaaadadada dddadadda huaaaa!
As our instructor (our! See I am too good at predicting future) explained us couple of moments and made a quick exit I hastily caught quite a sight of him head to toe, toe to head, he is delicious!
‘Where was he till now? Was he noticing me from the first day? What the hell I was doing? Why I never noticed him before?’ I was demanding myself to answer all such questions when there was bang!
  “Oh shit” I squeak. I had dropped one of the dumbbells on my forehead which left me lying on the floor in peculiar position with my legs twisted to one side and my arms scattered on the other side
“ Are you ok?” devastatingly good looking stranger ran to me and helped me to get up on my foot.
“No! I am not” tears were hotly pressing in my eyes as I caught a glimpse of me in the mirror. Left of my forehead was swollen and few drops of blood were there.
“Oh God! You are hurt” my instructor said pushing past the crowed which was standing in a semi circle and looking at my idiotic face “How does it happen?”
“ummm…ummmmm….. It slipped!” I was too embarrassed to tell him that I was staring this amazing man next to me.
“I must say it slipped very…. Strangely” my instructor said while examining my forehead and I swear I saw this devastatingly good looking stranger suppressing his smile. Logically he should have asked me out for a coffee to compensate because technically he was the force behind my accident. But nothing of that sort happened rather he didn’t even walk me to the gym’s first aid room. So rude of him!
 Why gorgeous men always have to be rude?
I walked to my office with bandage on my forehead which was pretty good sight for Natasha (bitch!). I handed over her my articles and walked straight back to my cubicle to avoid any eye contact. But bitch would always be a bitch; instead of telling me how did she find my articles she rang me to ask “what had happened to my head? I am looking inappropriately funny!” she barked and then broke into devil laugh. I so wanted to go and yell at her face “Shut up you bitch!”

Signing off:
Injured girl in the city!


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  2. This one is by far the Best! Dude you r on the right track keep going!

  3. Rishi Agarwal.... I am glad you liked it! Thanx!! :)