Monday, 16 May 2011

"My wide-awake night"

Calm down. It's not all that bad. I still have more than couple of hours in my hand. I can do it.  I mean of course I can. I am a real writer for Christ sake!

Ok. Fine. So what if I write for a local fashion magazine? So what if I have to submit 500 words article about "10 things not to tell your boyfriend" in just three hours? So what if I don't have (and never had) a boyfriend and how on the earth would I know not to tell him what? So what if I am feeling so damn sleepy that I could flop down from the chair on the floor any minute and fall asleep in less than a second right there, over my article, over my career.... Damn! I am dead.

I shouldn't have gone out in my next door neighbor’s house warming party. Yeah! I am talking about my new neighbor who is hotter than the Mumbai weather and who already have a super model girlfriend (bitch!). It's already 5 A.M and I haven't written anything other than the title and have been sitting blankly staring at the laptop from last 20 minutes.

Oh fuck! Earthquake. My table is shaking. Thank goodness, it's over. ..........It's back?? There is again a viberrr…....ohh.. It's my BlackBerry. Once again it's my mom. Oh please don't be worried there is nothing bad has happened in my home. It's my mom's daily schedule to call at this unearthly hour just to check what I am doing! If I pick up the call then she asks why I am awake at this time in are-you-still-out-with-some-stranger-man-who-can-take-your-advantage tone. If I don't pick my phone then she says if you sleep till this late then when you get time to go to temple. Temple? What she think am I some saint? I work in a fashion magazine, write about clothes, shoes, relationships and men!

Err….Well it's not her mistake. She doesn't even know the truth. To escape from Shimla and to land up in Mumbai I told my parents that I have got a job in States Bank of India as tele-marketer and i showed them a fake call letter as well. But it doesn't make me complete liar. I lied because of them, for them! My dad would have kicked me out of the house if I would have told him that I am gonna work in fashion industry and my mom would have passed out just on the thought of me living alone in the big city and working in the industry of compromises and casting couch (thank God I didn't come across any such moron).

I always wanted to work in fashion magazine. Vogue is my bible since time immortal and Elle is my staple read. I always knew one day I will write a column but little did I know is in local magazine i.e. Glitz not in Bible i.e. Vogue.

No! It can’t be my alarm. No! No! No! It's 7 A.M? I didn't write a single word nor I can, can I? I have to take shower and have to save time to put on volumes of concealer under my eyes to hide brown shadow. I have to run! I could grab a cab and write in my way to office. Brilliant! Yes I can do it. I am a writer for Christ sake!


  1. u r a writer for Christ Sake:)... good job swati :)
    i glad that i m first one to comment :)

  2. Happy Writing!!!!!! But for Christ Sake "No F..... plzzzz" Al the best:-)

  3. Ur write up brought a big smile to my face!! It's awesome!! Good going gurl!! Keep it up.


  4. @Shins.. I am glad i can make someone smile for Christ Sake! ;)

  5. Hey.. nice read ya!!!
    Interesting flow.. All d very best... Luv ya!!

  6. hey...unbelievable....itz vry nice....keep up d work...!!!!!!

  7. Hahahhahah... i Know it's kinda shock for u!! Anyway Thanx..!

  8. yaah and aftr reading Ths evryone would christ sake u r a writer...All the best sweets ..m so Happy fr u tht u r able to follow ur Dreams .. Wishing to read such stuff frm ur side on aregular basis..Great Going sweets..

  9. Thanx Draling! I will try my level best to give u guys good stuff to read and trust me this blog is gonna be regular!!

    P.S: for the dream part i would say.. I wish! <3