Monday, 23 May 2011

It's Sunday!

Hey Sunday guys!!  I love Sundays as it’s the only day when I can actually wake up at 11 and can spend my time in watching as much movies as I want (of course on my laptop). But it’s also the only day when I have to kick and push myself in cleaning my studio apartment and doing laundry. Well I don’t want to get domestic right now, not for at least next one hour…I should make me a coffee. It’s sounds perfect, very Sunday-ish.
Sitting cross-legged on sofa and cradling the cup of hot, steamy coffee while reading Sunday Times is also the favorite part of my (sun)day. Hang on! There is an article about some fashion expert in Vogue in the supplement. Oh Gosh! She is looking so fabulous in Chanel’s tube dress. She is wearing Chanel? Look at me I am the bloody Feature writer in the fashion mag and I buy every single dress from fashion street. In fact my whole wardrobe looks like a tribute to fashion street. Damn! I have to do something to land up in these high profile and supper glossy fashion mags, I have to be really really fast.

I think I should first call the CD rental shop and order Music and Lyrics, Something Borrowed, 51 dates and 27 Dresses before giving away myself to tiding-the-house movement.  OMG! It’s impossible to clean this house.  Every single thing of my wardrobe is piled up on my one and only vintage chair and Look. At. The. Floor… it’s all hidden under the empty and some half filled take away boxes and I don’t even want to talk about the laundry. I can’t do it! I need help.  
Ok. Don’t panic, have a glass of water and sit down for a while. I am just incredible in consoling myself. My Dad is right I should be more organized about my life. Ok. Here is the deal I will just sit down and make a list of all my work and then will take one thing at a time and within no time I will be an organized person. I am sure it won’t take much time. Phew!
·         Separate dirty clothes and put them in washing machine.
·         Fold the wrinkle free clothes and put them in cupboard.
·         Iron the clean but crumpled clothes.
·         Clean the bedroom, washroom, kitchen and living room.
·         Clean the dishes.
·         Change the bedspread.
·         Go to the super market and stock the frozen food.
·         Make the lunch or would it be dinner by the time I will finish all the work?
·         No movie, no walk on the beach, no looking-and-absorbing-the-life-of-the-sea moments.

Oh God! Who would say I am would- be- writer (in Vogue or Elle) after looking at my Sunday schedule.
 I am a writer for Christ sake not some domestic expert. I want to get in Vogue or Elle not in some home-making business. I need help. I have to think something cleaver.
Ok. After thinking for good 10 minutes here is the new list of me, The Writer in Fashion Magazine:
·         Hire the domestic help or maid for first 8 things in the previous list.
·         Go to Juice and get manicure & pedicure French manicure-pedicure done.
·         Start movie marathon with 27 Dresses followed by Something Borrowed, Music & Lyrics and 51 Dates.
·         Order Dominoes.
·         Go for a walk on beach in the evening.
·         Spend some looking-and-absorbing-the-life-of-the-sea moments while eating delicate candy floss on the beach.
·         Watch America’s Top Model and order Chinese and a bottle of Pinot Grigio.  

Signing off
Not some Domestic Goddess but a Writer (of course in fashion mag for Christ sake!)

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