Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Not a bad day..!!

“Finally got a cab”. Ok. You want truth. Fine!  Standing in the scorching heat under the extremely harmful sun-rays which were superbly capable of giving me chocolate complexion for entire 20minutes and after five unsuccessful attempts of grabbing the cab I decided to put my life on stake. I pulled my hairs’ back in high pony tail and stepped on the middle of running road of Worli and waved my hand lunatically, result, a cab screeched to the halt right in front of me (Did cab driver just shouted some obscenity?). I chose to ignore and popped my head in the window “Could you please take me to Malad?” I asked politely.
“ No!” he snapped. No?
“But why?” I wailed
“Because that’s not my route” he barked.
“But that’s my route” I was making every possible attempt to stop myself from crying in the middle of the road in front of complete stranger.
“Get another cab then!” he exasperated.
“I am already late for office and I don’t have time to wait for another cab” suddenly I realized I was almost whining.
“Don’t waste my time….” Before he could complete his sentence I literally threw myself on the back seat  and crossed my hands across my chest.
“What is this? Get out of the cab!” he grimaced.
“I won’t. Take me to Malad” I was glued to my seat determined to lie in front of the cab if he would have tried to drag me out.
After agreeing to pay double fair, he ignite the engine. I had to pay him more as I didn’t have any option. Did I?
But this is definitely not a bad day even after cab-fiasco  a.) I managed to write 450 words article after browsing half a dozen articles on Google  b.) Natasha Akhtar, my boss and chief editor of Glitz won’t come until 11a.m because of some prior commitments.
Oh! I am craving for coffee. Now I am in office so I can order as much coffee as I want (it’s free!), actually I ordered the coffee as soon as I entered the office.  Till the time coffee arrives I should check my mails. Mmmm….no important mail.
Hang on! My Blackberry is vibrating.  Mom?
“Hey mom”
“Aadhya. Am I disturbing you? You must be in office.”
“No Mom, I wasn’t doing anything important”
“ok” she is silent now. I bet there is something going on.
“Mom, you wanna say something?”
“Say then!”
“ My daughter, we have been thinking that you should settle down now. You have a degree and good job . What else you want? We have come across this very nice man, he lives in Delhi and have his own scrap business. Very nice family”
Good job? Delhi? Scrap business???????
“Mom neither I have a good job nor I am settling down!”
“You work with SBI, aren’t you?”
I hate this “Yes mom but this is not a good job. I want to…. I want to do something good, better, creative”
“You want to be an actress?”
“Nooooooo. No I am not going to become an actress and romancing Stranger men!”
“Then what you want?”
“I will tell you at the right time. I have to go. Have lots of work to do.” I cut off the line before she flips another question.

“Aadhya. You ready with article” Nuts (this suits her personality more than Natasha!) was hanging half out from her cabin door.
“Get in the article”
It’s been five minutes and she is still reading it. Honestly I haven’t written that much. OMG! No she can’t catch me! I have improvised and twisted my bits and pieces of information (from Google!) very brilliantly.
“It’s good. Seems you lie a lot to your boyfriend”
“Trust me. I don’t”
“Well I have a news for you” are they promoting me? I knew one day they will appreciate my talent.
“We are going to introduced Travel column from August issue and I want you to write it AS WELL”
“No problem. I can handle two columns at a time” Can I?
“I was expecting this from you. You know you are my favorite” she said with fake plastered smile.
“OK. So our first location is Pune”.
Pune? Really? What about Paris? What a cheap magazine!
“OK. So when I am suppose to go and roam around Pune?”
“Go? Wow… you love us so much that you are ready to sponsor your own trip. Others must learn from you”
“Why would I Sponsor? You are supposed to do that” what the hell is going on?
“We? Well it’s you who suggested going to Pune. I never said that”
   ?? I was confused, very confused.
“Oh…come on….. You can buy travel issues and search on net and even go to travel agencies to know about pune”
“You mean I just have to sit here in office, in Mumbai and write about different places?”
“Correct!  Now get back to work”
Bloody beggars’!!!

“Aadhya, I won’t be able to go with you today as I am staying at my Bf’s place tonight”  Priya said. She is my only friend in Mumbai and we use to walk back to the station together every day since day one. But today I have to walk back alone.
Gosh! It’s amazing weather. This is what I love about this city. You never know when it gets windy, rainy or grilling hot. Today it’s windy.
I haul my I-pod from my bag, put the plugs on and..aha… I love this song. “Every night in my dreams…la la la..lallala”. I guess I will walk down to my flat rather than boarding Mumbai local because I don’t wanna miss this awesome evening. 
Signing off:
Lonely heart in big city!


  1. hmm.. Not a bad day!! grt job..

  2. It's good but I enjoyed the first one more!! But I would say that I wAs unaware that my fren is such a gooood writer!! Expecting to read more!!

    Love u!

  3. Thanx Shins coz u liked it and i am glad that u think m a "goood writer"...lolzzz
    And for the last part i would say.... every day is different so as the every blog.....!! I will try to give you more interesting stuff....Promise!