Saturday, 28 January 2012

That one phone call !!

I got that call, that one call I have been dying to get and now it seems like (I) have been waiting for this for the eternity. Last night when I was slumped on my sofa, typing away the third chapters of my (to-be best seller but yet untitled) novel on my laptop while watching Friends on the T.V, my blackberry vibrated on the coffee table. First I tried to avoid looking at it as I didn’t want any disturbance in my creative flow but when it didn’t stop vibrating I shifted a bit on the sofa and got hold of it.

For initial two minutes I just kept listening to the woman on the other side of the phone while my mouth was hung open unattractively and making me suck all the oxygen from the room into my lungs.

“Hello, are u still there? Listening to me?” the woman on the other side of the phone asked me when I didn’t utter a word.

“ umm…yes..Of course I am here. Yes I have heard everything you said” I said in a small voice.

“Ok. So can I expect you here day after tomorrow at …er… 10 A.M?” she asked in a highly professional voice.

“Yes. I would love to come. I’ll be there at sharp 10 o’clock” I said.

“That’s great. I will message you the address then. Have a good night” she said and in two straight seconds I heard click from the other side. I put my phone back on the table, wriggled out myself from the fake woolen throw, put the laptop on the sofa and walked to the window.

Did it happen? Really? Did that girl actually said that she was calling from Glamour? Did she really ask me to come for an interview at Glamour’s office? Was I hallucinating? NO! Of course not. My phone did vibrate for the real. Didn’t it? I did pick the call and talked to someone, someone in real. Didn’t I? It can’t be a dream.

‘Ok. Calm down. Have a glass of water, sit down and think about it’ I instructed myself. Hell with the water, I walked back towards the sofa and flop down on it. Staring at my blackberry I thought about the day when I came across this opening of assistant copy editor in Glamour and applied for it but I was confident that there was no way I was gonna get in there. But today I got the call. That means…that means……..ohmygod…that means I have a chance to have that position in Glamour for real. I could be It girl only if I could get through this interview.

I quickly pressed ctrl+s on my word document and closed the half written chapter of my book. Quickly I opened the Glamour website and dived into even the minute details on the website.

Good Night? What did she think that I was gonna sleep after this most critical call of my life? No! She was wrong. I am going to prepare for it so hard that once I will be there they’ll beg me to join their magazine. HA!
 Signing off:
Girl over moon in the big city!!


  1. Good luck on your book and on the interview! Working for Glamour sounds like so much fun.

  2. hi swati
    can i email u
    i wanted some advise frm u