Sunday, 1 January 2012

I have no idea who was he?

Amazing! This year we had a best Christmas ever. Two single girls, one sofa, plenty of food, tones of vodka and first season of SATC, life couldn’t get better. At exact eight o’clock I and Priya laid all the food on the coffee table, I haul out the carton of Absolute from under the bed, she put the CD of SATC in the player, we slumped back on my sofa in living room in our cotton PJs and let the party began.   
If I am not wrong than it was around 12:30 A.M when we had decided to grab the cab and go to Marine Drive for a late night stroll. So without wasting anytime, we grabbed out sweatshirts and left my flat. Though it was quite late by now but we managed to find the cab without much fuss and in no time we were standing on Marine Drive and surprisingly we were not alone. There were hell lots of people out there by the sea, dancing and celebrating Christmas.
We decided to sit on the wall few yards away from the crowd. We were talking about our future strategies of getting our life back on the track when I felt someone towering on us.  Before I could turn around to question this stranger, I found him flopping by my side and I clutched Priya’s hand tightly. I had heard several times that this city is not so safe anymore but this was the first time when I felt actually scared.
“So” he said in a posh voice while his eyes were fixed on the silent waves in the sea.
“Hmm ?” I looked at him suspiciously. He was all six feet long, pale white skin, very striking jaw line, stunning bone structure and chocolate brown eyes.  Under the moon light he was looking ridiculously beautiful. As he turned to look at me I realized he was drunk but very much conscious.
“What two beautiful girls are doing here sitting alone at this time of night? What could it be?” he asked before taking a sip from Kingfisher beer cane in his hand.
“Sorry but I reckon it’s none of your business” I heard myself saying while my pulses were running wild.
“Yeah! Whatever” he shrugged before leaning towards me and whispering in my hair “It’s not safe here”. I felt my feet gone cold, who was he? Some psycho killer? I had no bloody idea and all I was doing is staring him with wide eyes while he was staring back at me with those mesmerizing pair of eyes. Before I could open my mouth to say something, he jumped on his feet and walked away and before I can blink my eyes he was lost in the crowd. Without wasting any time I and Priya stood up and hail the cab for my apartment.
In last five days all we had done is cleaning out my apartment so that we can make some space for Priya and her luggage. While I had done extensive research about job openings, Priya had registered herself on various dating websites. After that night in Marine Drive, we decided to have a quite New Year at home with Pizza, Hot chocolate and “The Notebook” minus any late night stroll.
I have to accept here that after that night I hadn’t had a moment when I didn’t really think about that stranger.  Who was he?

Signing Off:

Two single girls in a big city!!

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