Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Silly Me!!!

After that strange night at Marine Drive, next morning I woke up with an empty heart, ailing tummy and a heavy head in a messy flat. I and Priya spent the entire day in cleaning up my apartment and throwing away the take away boxes and empty vodka bottles. By 5 in the evening we were bored to death despite of hours of mindless T.V watching.   It had to end. We can’t live up our entire lives in a rented apartment, eating take always, slumping on the sofa watching T.V, without any job or boyfriend and cribbing about our imperfect lives.

So that evening when Priya was out on her first blind date after her break up with Him, I decided to put an end to all the reasons of endless cribbing and settled on the purple vintage chair which I bought few months back from a local market with my laptop and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows (to make myself comfortable at my new job).

When I tear away my eyes from the laptop, I noticed it was 8 p.m. in the wall clock. I had been writing for 3 bloody hours and didn’t notice once. To be very very honest I don’t know what have I exactly written! I myself felt tempted to read it just to know what the hell I was thinking when I was taping away on the keyboard but I remember reading somewhere that every writer should leave the piece of writing to settle on its own before reading it again. Hence I decided to do the same and snapped my lappy shut.

I wasn’t hungry so I decided to take a walk, a proper walk. I fished in my handbag for an i-pod and pop in the ear plugs while walking out of the apartment. I took the keys along with me as Priya was not going to be home any time soon. Without thinking I started walking in the cool evening breeze of Mumbai. It’s always like this, grilling hot in day and cool in evening. After walking few blocks god knows what went into me and I decided to take a walk to the Marine Drive. Ok. I am lying here. What I really thought was to go there and see if I could bump into that stranger once again. I know I know I am sounding total crazy but it’s who I am, a crazy girl.

No one. There was absolutely no one by the sea except few street vendors and noisy ocean waves. How stupid I was to think that I had a chance to bump into a guy, whom I never saw before last night probably won’t see ever again and didn’t even know his name.  Silly me!

And after taking in the view of the slightly unsettled sea for good ten minutes, I walked back home. Sometimes living in a big city on your own drives you crazy and always keeps you on a look out for someone with whom you can talk your heart out.

 Signing off:
Crazy girl in the big city

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