Sunday, 17 June 2012

Smiling ear to ear !!

Clutching my purse close to my chest I entered in the Glamour’s office. The view was magnificent. The lobby was brightly lit, marble floor was shiny enough to let you see your face, the girl behind the reception desk was herself looking like a model and the air-conditioning was on full blast and I actually felt myself shivering.

As I was inching towards the reception desk I was feeling completely screwed. One, my hair was no better, Two, I had completely forgot everything I mugged for the interview. Man alive, this day would mark the end of my career and life.
“Morning!” I nearly whispered to the receptionist who was furiously typing away on her i-phone.

“What?” she looked up and gave me who-the-fuck-are-you gaze.
“I am here for the interview. I have called you like thirty minutes back to inform you that I would be bit late” I said in one breath.

“Oh. Yeah. So that’s you?” she eyed me head to toe. “Late for the interview? Not a good start girl” she grinned. Bitch!
I am so sorry” I mumble.

“Wait. Let me call and check if they still want to interview you” What? What did she mean by if?
“You may go in” she said while replacing the receiver and before I can ask her for directions she was back to her i-phone.

I hate to disturb this cold bloodied bitch but I had no other option “Can you give the direction?” I asked in slightly higher tone.
"Straight then left, second room” she said without looking at me.

With trembling hands I knocked on the glass door. “Come in” came the voice from the other side.
As I walked inside the room, I saw a girl in her early thirties sitting in the large squishy chair and sipping her Costa. Her hair were brunette and she had got the nicest tan I had ever seen in my life. She was beautiful.

“Morning” she smiled at me and motioned me to sit in the chair across her.
“Morning” I beamed. Ohmygodwillshehireme?

Thirty minutes later, I was outside the editor-in-chief’s and was smiling ear to ear. My interview was awesome. She didn’t ask me anything but just general questions about my experience in Bombay, my past work and had look on my previously done articles. Everything was going fantastic until she asked the question which I feared the most. “Why did you leave your last job?” she asked. AND for once I decided tell the truth. If you have ever switched jobs you knew how big deal it is to tell you new employer about the truth of you last job.

“My ex-boss never trusted me enough”. Here I said it. I was afraid that after this she would never hire me but …….
"I’ll have Maria call you in couple of days and talk about the appointment letter” she said and to my horror I went all numb. When I walked out of her cabin and gazed around the swanky office, I couldn’t believe that in few days it will be my office too.

Signing Off:
Girl in the big city!!!

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